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Master The Path From The Desktop To The Cloud

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Master The Path From The Desktop To The Cloud
Master The Path From The Desktop To The Cloud

Video: Master The Path From The Desktop To The Cloud

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Video: FIX NAS Drive NOT VISIBLE on Network Windows 10 2023, January

According to the CPU 24/7, there is no dispute that the demand for HPC cloud solutions is growing massively. But how does it go now, the step towards the engineering cloud solution? This question is the central starting point of the workshop The Grand Challenges in CAE - From Desktop to Cloud, which is primarily aimed at engineers and experts from the automotive industry.

Focus on user needs

As an HPC cloud expert, CPU 24/7 will discuss with those present to get to know their requirements and needs. Taking into account the different scenarios, the LS-Dyna and Ansys Mechanical software are used to demonstrate concrete solutions that can withstand the rapid product development cycles of industry - and thus the increasing demands on engineers. The focus is on teaching secure access to the HPC cloud and demonstrating the flexibility of outsourced infrastructures. As a highlight, the workshop participants are invited to calculate test jobs on CPU 24/7 cloud resources.

Overcome CAE challenges

The automotive CAE Grand Challenge brings together experts from international industry, research and software development every year. The aim is to promote the exchange to deal with current challenges in the automotive industry with regard to computer-aided engineering.

Further information about the workshop can be found at: www.carhs.de/en/workshop-cpu247.html (mz)

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