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Angle And Path Measurement For Mobile Machines

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Angle And Path Measurement For Mobile Machines
Angle And Path Measurement For Mobile Machines

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Video: Measuring Angles in the Machine Shop! 2023, February

To meet the requirements for functional safety, many manufacturers rely on redundant signals. This can be solved either by attaching two sensor heads or a redundant sensor. The MSK320R is equipped with two magnetic sensors for redundant position detection and two interpolators. According to Siko, the sensor has independent output channels and can be used in combination with a secure input card in the overall system up to performance level PLd.

Space-saving and cost-optimized

Despite the higher component density, the housing of the MSK320R, according to the manufacturer, remains small and compact at 35 mm x 25 mm x 10 mm. The advantage of the MSK320R lies in the cost and space saving compared to the use of two magnetic sensors with simple channels, the manufacturer continues. There would also be no additional effort due to the wiring and installation of two sensors.

By selecting the appropriate scale, the sensor can be used for linear displacement measurement, in combination with the magnetic tape MB320 / 1 or for speed detection in combination with different Siko rings.

Adjusted to extreme requirements

With protection class IP67 and a wide temperature range from -40 to 85 ° C, the MSK320R can also be used in strong weather conditions, according to Siko. Freezing temperatures and condensation outside or high levels of sunshine are no problem for the robust sensors, according to the manufacturer. In addition, the MSK320R is insensitive to dust, chips, oils, greases and moisture. The open, non-contact measuring system is also extremely wear-free and low-maintenance. (jv)


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