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Articulated Coupling Has Maximum Shaft Misalignment Under Control

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Articulated Coupling Has Maximum Shaft Misalignment Under Control
Articulated Coupling Has Maximum Shaft Misalignment Under Control

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Video: Shaft Alignment Concepts: Offset & Angularity 2023, January

In contrast to standard couplings with metal bellows or polymer elements, the new aluminum articulated couplings use a development based on the principle of the universal joint. According to KBK Antriebstechnik, this development is durable due to special bushings and guides, very stiff and almost free of play. This should enable the articulated couplings to compensate for unusually high shaft misalignments. According to the manufacturer, one to two millimeters of radial misalignment can be compensated for and this in a short space.

The articulated couplings complement the KBK range well, because particularly high shaft misalignment could not be bridged with the range available so far. If the offset is too great, the service life of metal bellows couplings will decrease quickly, while claw couplings transmit the forces that occur to the gearbox bearings, which are then damaged by increased wear. In these cases, the articulated couplings should still be easy to use, for example when installing printing machines or wherever the resulting shaft misalignment cannot be narrowed down with sufficient precision beforehand.

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Bridges distance of 6 m with ease

According to KBK Antriebstechnik, your advantages are very low restoring forces, high torsional or axial rigidity, variable thread diameters and a high degree of reliable angular and radial misalignment. Articulated couplings should also be able to transmit relatively large torques in relation to the installation space.

Prevent increased wear

The KBGK series has a threaded hole on one side and a threaded pin on the other. This makes it suitable for use as a transmission coupling between two shafts or as a linear coupling. For example, if a linear motor has to be screwed to a machine frame at both ends and the supports are not exactly aligned, there is a shaft misalignment that leads to the bending of the linear motor axis. The result is a lack of precision and increased wear. If an articulated coupling with internal and external thread is used on one side for the connection to the linear motor axis, the problem is solved according to KBK Drive Technology.

With the KBGK-T series of the same dimensions, clamping hubs on both sides are used for assembly in the application. It is suitable for use on servo and stepper motors. KBK supplies both coupling series in six graded sizes. (sh)

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