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Electronic Position Indicator For Manual Delivery Axes

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Electronic Position Indicator For Manual Delivery Axes
Electronic Position Indicator For Manual Delivery Axes

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Video: DD51-E Direct drive electronic position indicators: features and functioning 2023, January

Thanks to the fully electronic signal processing, the units displayed can be adapted to the process to be monitored, according to TR-Electronic. So that a delivery axis z. B. Display position information directly in millimeters. In the basic configuration, the scaling is permanently stored in the measuring system using PC software - manipulation by the user is therefore excluded. According to the manufacturer, four available buttons give access to the menu structure of the active illuminated display.

Connection to higher-level control

An interface extension is available for networked applications. On the one hand, the readings could be transferred to a higher-level control, but also parameters such as scaling or offsets could be transferred from the control to the display encoder.

According to TR-Electronic, the MG48 offers features such as:

  • Multiturn without battery,
  • an eight-digit digital display,
  • a 180 ° electronically rotatable display,
  • freely programmable scaling,
  • a maximum of 56 preset values ​​selectable via the hardware input,
  • a USB interface for parameterization,
  • an electronic count reversal.

The position indicator is mounted directly on the drive shaft. For this purpose, it has a continuous hollow shaft that is clamped onto the shaft. This shaft also carries the encoder. A driver pin, which engages in a groove / bore in the application-side flange, ensures that the encoder does not turn. The handwheel is then mounted on the shaft end as usual. The MG48 should also be able to record simple, manual positioning processes reliably. (jv)

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