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Adjustment Unit With Electronic Position Indicator

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Adjustment Unit With Electronic Position Indicator
Adjustment Unit With Electronic Position Indicator

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Video: Guided Format Adjustment with the Digital Position Indicator 2023, January

The spindle-driven components made of aluminum with the designation Domiline are modular, easy to convert and versatile. Since the requirements for the effective handling of operating resources are becoming more and more special, the automation specialist IEF Werner from Furtwangen has now created a possibility to drastically simplify setting work - especially in the case of frequently changing positions. The new bus-compatible electronic position indicator makes it possible. It can be attached to all linear and rotary adjustment units of the Domiline family and can even be retrofitted. To set the positions quickly and effectively, the operator only has to compare the setpoint with the actual value.

Server provides the parameters

Both values ​​are shown on the two-line LCD display. The upper line is for the current position of the adjustment unit, the second line shows the target position that was transmitted by the server. All parameters that have to be set for the production of the desired article are stored on the server. The operator turns the control element of the adjustment units and thus changes the actual value. As soon as the actual value and the setpoint match, an LED signals the correct position. The operator can read the position up to three decimal places.

“Domiline together with the electronic bus display reduces set-up times, for example when changing the format, by up to 30%. This significantly increases the efficiency of the machine,”said Fritz Wehinger, product manager at IEF-Werner. “Since the market launch almost 25 years ago, the range of functions of the Domiline family has been continuously expanded. We always make sure that our innovations are always backwards compatible."

Can be retrofitted at any time

All domilines can be retrofitted with the electronic bus display at any time, without great effort. Another great advantage of the interface is the possibility to monitor the set positions. This is particularly useful when it comes to quality assurance or documentation of evidence. With the new electronic bus display, for example, it can be easily ensured that all positions have been set correctly at the start of production. It can also be ensured that the position has not changed during production. This is caused by vibrations if the operator should forget to fix the adjustment units with the clamping lever.

Another innovation is a bellows that reliably protects the spindle in an oily or dirty environment. In addition, IEF-Werner is developing a solution that allows certain Domiline models to be retrofitted with inexpensive stepper motors or universal servo motors. (jv)

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