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Delivery Hose With Wear Indicator

Delivery Hose With Wear Indicator
Delivery Hose With Wear Indicator

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The Conti Orange Liner optical wear indicator is an orange intermediate layer between the rubber core and the textile reinforcement. It enables the condition of the hose to be recognized quickly and at a glance at any time. If the Conti Orange Liner shows through, the hose only has to be rotated or completely replaced. This saves unnecessary hose changes as well as production interruptions due to a defective hose.

The self-developed flanges made of a heavy-duty, rustproof and seawater-resistant aluminum alloy, which can be gripped from both sides at the same time, fit perfectly with the hose and enable a secure connection of two hose connections. The flange hole circle corresponds to both the European standard EN 1092-1 and the American ANSI 16.5B. The conical, self-developed sealing elements ensure absolute tightness. Their shape simplifies assembly and maintenance and prevents the transported medium from coming into contact with the flanges and being damaged. In addition, the hose is pressed firmly against the flange for additional connection security.

The abrasion-resistant suction and pressure hose with its reusable coupling elements is particularly suitable for the transport of sludge, sand, gravel and gravel. It is available with inner diameters from 51 to 610 mm and, depending on the diameter, in lengths between 10 and 40 m. It withstands temperatures from -40 to 80 ° C. Depending on the version, it is designed for working pressures of 5 or 10 bar. The fact that the burst pressure is only 3.2 times the working pressure ensures a large safety reserve. (qui)

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