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No Time As A Success Factor?

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No Time As A Success Factor?
No Time As A Success Factor?

Video: No Time As A Success Factor?

Video: No Time As A Success Factor?
Video: Time Types - SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central 2023, April

Successful people seem to define their success factor via the key time. Those who have a lot to do and have little time to spare for their fellow men seem to be successful. 14-hour days with all the effects on personal life-work-life balance seem normal.

Author: Helmut König

But is the one who has no time successful or is he poorly organized? If you look closely, you will find successful and unsuccessful people who don't have enough time. You can also find successful and unsuccessful people who can incorporate freedom into their time planning. So is “no time” just an expression of a lack of organization?

Just no freedom

Those who have the freedom to take care not to admit it and prefer to refer to a busy schedule. It would be too easy for someone to come up with the idea that a little more work could be delayed, since there are obviously still reserves. This is how well-organized people are punished. The result is demotivation, frustration and burnout.

This has been recognized in some large companies and rewarded early recognition of dead ends in new projects. This saves a lot of time and money. People who have no time miss opportunities because the processes can no longer be thought through in peace and the principle of action has changed from acting to reacting.

Facet of time planning

A lot has always been written, spoken and trained about time planning. On the one hand there are the tools, which are mostly organizational in nature and help to plan the day. However, since people think and act in a more or less organized way depending on the type, they need freedom to select the best instruments for them.

If you use the electronic media correctly, you have a quick, well-organized schedule. A colorful, creatively designed appointment, action and idea calendar appears to be complex for many people, but it is also a schedule tool. It is crucial that schedule instruments are used and a colorful calendar is still much better than no schedule.

The focus is on people

The most important aspect of scheduling, however, lies in ourselves and in dealing with our fellow human beings. "Defermentitis" is a phenomenon, "Hätteritis" a waste of time.

Allegations of why one should have done something better or not would not change anything. A fundamentally positive attitude to what you do is the most important schedule tool. A daily updated to-do list with priorities combined with the personal rhythm of work is a good organizational tool. People should not be paid for dismissed time, but for work done.

Simplify situations

Complexity and conflict are the biggest time wasters in our world. Complex situations are not complicated, but complex. These situations need to be simplified, understood and reduced to a level that makes them workable. Conflicts are the # 1 time wasters, especially for management.

A study from the United States shows that managers spend 42 percent of their time dealing with conflict. An example of conflict resolution is Toro, a manufacturer of lawnmowers and garden tools in the United States. Toro recently introduced voluntary mediation to resolve extra-judicial disputes with customers over product liability. The cost saving was 73 percent of the cost prior to the launch of this initiative.

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A positive attitude towards

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