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Visi R1 Offers Improvements For Tool And Mold Making

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Visi R1 Offers Improvements For Tool And Mold Making
Visi R1 Offers Improvements For Tool And Mold Making

Video: Visi R1 Offers Improvements For Tool And Mold Making

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Video: VISI 2017 R1 CAM Webinar 2023, January

“Developments in the CAD area primarily include improvements to the user interface, even more effective hybrid work with volumes and areas, and automated drawing creation. In addition, Visi 2017 R1 made the user interface even more intuitive and interactive,”explains Ralph Schmitt, CEO of Mecadat AG. “For example, a new icon group was integrated in the upper left corner of the graphics area, so-called HUD icons. These contain the most frequently used icons for the graphical representation and alignment of the views."

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With the help of the automatic element selection, elements can now be easily moved with the so-called click & drag. Each element can be selected at the desired point and moved from one point to another point. The element can also be copied as an option. This interactive option without opening the Translation command enables an efficient and intuitive way of working. In addition, the quality and reliability of the import and export interfaces could be increased again with the 2017 R1 version. As part of the constant further development, the support of Step in the format AP242 has been implemented and the import of 3D DXF / DWG data is now also possible.

Create multiple views automatically

When creating drawings, the function to automatically create multiple views has been improved. This means that all or selected components can now be automatically placed on individual sheets with several configurable views. The automatic application of position numbers from the parts list information about the balloon technology has also been optimized. The output of complete sets of drawings via PDF has now become easier. The file name can now be put together automatically using different parameters and the output has been optimized for the Microsoft PDF printer - which was introduced with Windows 10 - in order to be able to efficiently generate vectorized PDF data.

New commands for Visi Mold and Visi Progress

Version 2017 R1 further improved the two modules Visi Mold and Visi Progress. There are now a number of new, universal commands available for users from mold and tool making. Two new commands have been implemented in the Visi Mold area, which enable simple rheological and thermal analysis of the component. The new commands were developed on the basis of Visi Flow and, thanks to the intuitive user interface, enable uncomplicated analysis for designers of injection molding tools. No special simulation knowledge is required to use the two commands.

Simply define cooling channels

The Check cooling command provides the user with a simple thermal analysis for mold temperature control systems. The cooling channels are defined by intuitively clicking on the entry and exit points per cooling circuit. It does not matter whether it is simple bodies or channels from the Visi cooling module. Bridging channels is also possible. After entering all parameters, the user can check whether the defined temperature control layout is sufficient for the desired cycle time. The result is then visually displayed directly in Visi. In addition to the possibility of displaying the material temperature, solidified portion and surface temperature, a thermal cut can also be made through the component in order to identify hot spots in it.Finally, a report and a video can be created to show the results.

More flexibility in defining missions

For Visi Progress, important improvements have been made in version 2017 R1. The Mission Manager has been revised and now offers even more flexibility in defining missions as well as a more intuitive and simple user interface. With the new version, the functionality was created to define so-called threading points for stamps and plates for wire EDM in order to enable even more efficient and consistent work. In addition, the nesting management was equipped with a new engine. All of the points listed are intended to increase the effectiveness of Visi Progress.

Integrated waveform roughing technology

With the new version, useful functions and improvements are available in Visi Machining. In addition to the general points such as the optimization of geometry management and model preparation, both 2D processing and 3D processing have been significantly improved.

The focus during development was on troubleshooting and increasing the quality and user-friendliness of the system. The waveform roughing technology developed by Vero has been integrated into Visi Machining and creates even more effective roughing paths. This trochoid technology increases material removal and productivity and increases tool life. In 2D there is a revised contour milling with options for machining sharp edges and improvements in obstacle management and radius correction. (mz)

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