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Schunk Provides The Digital Twin Of Its Grippers

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Schunk Provides The Digital Twin Of Its Grippers
Schunk Provides The Digital Twin Of Its Grippers

Video: Schunk Provides The Digital Twin Of Its Grippers

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Video: SCHUNK Digital Tools 2023, January

With the help of the Mechatronics Concept Designer from Siemens PLM Software and the digital twins from Schunk, designers and system planners will soon be able to simulate complete assembly systems in three-dimensional space and the entire engineering process from concept to mechanics, electrics and software to Schunk says that it can virtually map commissioning.

Detailed digital image

The classic CAD shell model is replaced by a detailed digital image of the individual components, which contains their full functionality. The digital twin includes the CAD volume model with all geometric data for modeling in Siemens NX, CAE data (EPLAN) and a kinematic behavior model in which the stroke, the extension and retraction speed, the acceleration, the jerk, the nominal force and the mass are deposited. In a second step, Schunk also plans to expand its digital twins with various PLC components for virtual commissioning (software / hardware in the loop).

That includes the twin

When asked by the editors, Schunk announced that a user who wants a twin from a component will receive a model that is enriched with virtual intelligence in the form of a kinematic model. This model was created for the Mechatronics Concept Designer by Siemens PLM Software. The model not only provides geometric data of the outer contour as before, but also contains information about weight, stroke, about moving parts and kinematic information about the possible movements of the component. At the same time, the sequence of the individual movements can already be optimized in the engineering software in the virtual model. For example, the calculation of cycle times in a complex system with multiple axes is significantly simplified.

Shortening project times

The integrated engineering with the help of simulation enables plant constructors and users to significantly shorten the project duration, faster commissioning and significant efficiency effects in the repeated implementation of similar plants. All relevant planning steps from the calculation of the cycle times to the design of the components with regard to travel and stroke as well as the collision calculation can be completely covered by the engineering software.

Coordinate individual processes in advance

In addition to savings of 30% in the pure engineering time, plant builders and users also benefit from a significantly shorter project duration. Instead of starting programming after the physical construction of the system, as usual, all virtual processes can be systematically coordinated, programmed and optimized in the form of relative if-then rules with the virtual model. In addition, the virtual model forms the basis for tracking and real-time control in ongoing production. In the first step, Schunk digitized its 24V mechatronic program for high-performance assembly. It includes the Schunk EGP and EGL parallel grippers, the Schunk ELP linear modules, the EGS gripping and swiveling modules and the ERS rotary modules.The data can be requested directly from Schunk. (mz)

Schunk at the Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 17, Stand B26

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Hanover Fair 2017

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