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Forest Floor Feeling At The Workplace

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Forest Floor Feeling At The Workplace
Forest Floor Feeling At The Workplace

Video: Forest Floor Feeling At The Workplace

Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: The Forest Floor - BBC Motion Gallery 2023, January

With the Active Office Floor you stand better: natural, active and relaxed - and always on the move - like on a forest floor. This relieves the back, protects the joints, helps against tired legs and gives energy.

Feel-good high-tech from the forest

How it works: The 3-zone technology ensures more comfort, activity and safety. What feels very natural is technology down to the smallest detail - “inspired by nature”. The comfort zone consists of a high-quality, resilient, relieving foam that is simply good for the feet, legs and joints.

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The active zone of the mat stimulates the reflex zones of the feet with its 3D structure with "small mountains and valleys", promotes movement and thus activates the entire organism. That keeps you awake and fit. The stop zone with its anti-slip pads, bevelled edges and a large step area of ​​91 cm x 48 cm x 3.5 cm makes the Active Office Floor a safe bet.

The mat is water resistant and easy to clean. The soft, elastic and at the same time activating floor mat simply brings nature into the office, production or laboratory and enables you to work long hours without pain and discomfort.

Certified as an ergonomic product

Experts from the interest group of the back school teachers (IGR) have confirmed the beneficial and health-promoting effect of the active floor mat for the whole body and certified it as an ergonomic product according to DIN 33419 / EN ISO 15537. The Active Office Floor with its 3-function zone technology is an ideal addition for all standing workplaces - for longer, more active and healthier standing.

“Our goal is to certify product developments that improve working conditions and make people work healthier again. Just like the Active Office Floor. We tested the active floor mat twice: First, we checked to what extent the product allows many healthy changes in posture. On the other hand, we had companies test the active floor mat for its suitability in everyday life,”explains Christian Brunner, Executive Board member of IGR eV, about the certification process. (mz)

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