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Floor Painting Step By Step: Concrete Floor With Chic

Table of contents:

Floor Painting Step By Step: Concrete Floor With Chic
Floor Painting Step By Step: Concrete Floor With Chic

Video: Floor Painting Step By Step: Concrete Floor With Chic

Video: Floor Painting Step By Step: Concrete Floor With Chic
Video: How to create beautiful painted concrete floors by The Chic Freak 2023, December

In the ninth episode of the decorative painting series, Friederike Schulz shows how you can turn a boring concrete floor into a real eye-catcher.

Author / Photos: Friederike Schulz

First of all: Most manufacturers do not guarantee the durability of the coating with this type of floor painting. After all, the system is not processed as usual. Therefore, you should pay attention to some aspects so that the customer can still enjoy painting the floor for a long time.

This has to be taken into account when painting floors

With concrete floors, it is advisable to work with a color system and to create the glazes with pigments and the appropriate binder. The top coat also contributes to the durability of the painted surface. Here it is recommended to stay in the manufacturer's system. In this way you avoid surface tensions.

Since glazes have a low layer thickness, they normally do not affect the durability of the industrially produced coatings. It is advisable to make samples in advance. This way you can check whether the materials are compatible with each other.

Tools for floor painting

  • a natural sponge
  • a broad modler
  • Stencils
  • Stencil brush
  • Painter's ruler
  • in a suitable drawing line

Prepare the surface

Brush twice with the lighter base tone. A glaze is made from binder, pigment and water. It makes sense to mix all colors and glazes from a "family". This creates a harmonious overall picture. The glaze is applied evenly in the cloister.

A second, slightly gray glaze is mixed to create a stony surface. The surface is glazed with the help of a natural sponge.

Apply stencil

After making a template, the entire floor area is stenciled with the darker floor color. The color does not have to cover completely. This increases the play of colors in the overall impression. The joints are drawn in with a brush and ruler. For a plastic effect, a light shade of gray is placed next to a darker shade of gray. The bright joint represents the light edge.

Make floor painting durable

Finally, the entire surface is painted with a third glaze. Apply the glaze in a cloister with the modler. This gives the surface even more depth and vitality. In this step, you should be careful not to over-pigment the glaze.

The designed floor is then sealed with a transparent protective coating.

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