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Firewood Bag

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Firewood Bag
Firewood Bag

Video: Firewood Bag

Video: Firewood Bag
Video: HOW WE BAG FIREWOOD 2023, June

Tool checklist

  • (Column) drilling machine
  • Hacksaw
  • Oscillation tool
  • To force

The rope stretcher is always stable enough: the risers made of wire ropes, the connections made of aluminum pipe pieces, fixed with bomb-proof adhesive using two-component adhesive - a piece for life, so to speak.

In this case, the Dremel-Multi was an extremely helpful device for the design. So that the slots in the long handle bar of the can for a firewood pocket on the other ropes disengage easily, Cut clean. If you do not have such a practical multitool, you can use a key file in the first case and pliers in the second. Then you have to wrap the wire rope tightly with adhesive tape, mark the intersections on it and pinch through. This is much more complex and the result less precise.

Garden houses & carport


firewood stool

Firewood does not have to be in the stove - you can use the logs to build stylish furniture

Firewood bag also works as a newspaper rack

A prerequisite for making exact holes in the aluminum tubes is a self-made template. To do this, attach two strips at a distance of the aluminum pipe diameter to a residual wood board, a cross strip serves as a stop. Now align the template exactly and clamp it with two clamps. Templates are also required to bend the bearing plate: two large ones for the bottom and two small ones for the sides. One of these boards has a 20 ° bevel cut on one side. Before you bend the sheet, you should remove all burrs and break the edges with the file. As with all work with metal, it is advisable to wear safety glasses.

Who does not have a fireplace that can firewood pocket instead of using the timber transport as decorative storage for magazines - with or without a rope. Since the bearing plate and the cable carrier are not firmly connected to each other, this can be varied as the mood takes you.

Simple 1 - 25 € under 1 day 1

Source: himself is the man 12/2005

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