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Perfect Indoor Climate In The Berlin Palace

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Perfect Indoor Climate In The Berlin Palace
Perfect Indoor Climate In The Berlin Palace

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Video: Berlin NOW AND THEN Berliner Schloss / Humboldt Forum / Palast der Republik EPISODE 9.4 2023, January

On the outside, the Humboldtforum will be reminiscent of building tradition and history, on the inside it is a contemporary and state-of-the-art exhibition, event and cultural venue for all citizens, in which comfort criteria are given top priority, especially in the sensitive areas of the building. After all, the museum operator as well as the lenders of special pieces place special demands on the indoor climate. This is investigated with a flow simulation program taking solar radiation into account.

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"The basis for the CFD simulations is a numerical model created on the basis of the available planning documents. This was geometrically dimensioned, networked according to the client's specifications and then numerically calculated taking the current boundary conditions into account,”explains project manager Donald Stubbe from the Institute for Air and Refrigeration Technology (ILK Dresden). “For the definition of the relevant environmental conditions, ie the implementation of climate data, those of the test reference year for Berlin were used. The CFD flow simulations in the present case were carried out in a stationary, three-dimensional and fully turbulent manner using Ansys CFD (Fluent)."

From numerics to practical optimization tips

The Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR) commissioned the experts from the ILK Dresden to carry out the CFD simulations for the Humboldt Forum. The ILK Air and Air Conditioning Technology division develops novel solutions for energy-efficient and innovative products and processes in a wide range of technologies for air treatment. In this context, the ILK technologies for air treatment encompass the field of technical building equipment / ventilation technology, in particular heating technology, ventilation technology, air conditioning technology as well as the area of ​​air pollution control with air filter technology and exhaust gas cleaning.

The ILK Air and Air Conditioning Technology division has been involved in the 'Humboldtforum' project since 2010. Numerical flow simulations for the airspace of various exhibition spaces or portals and composite spaces were carried out representatively in the Berlin Palace - Humboldtforum. These were variations of the ventilation and air conditioning system (RLT), in particular the supply air duct and its parameters. The aim of the simulations was to show the functionality of the cooling, heating and ventilation system for the uses defined by the client and the associated evaluation criteria. Practical optimization tips can be derived from the results.

Review of the planning of indoor climate systems and positions

The essential comfort criteria for the area where people stay are the room temperature, the flow velocity of the room air (or the draft risk according to ISO 7730) and the room air humidity. Their limit values ​​and any deviating criteria according to conservation requirements are to be regarded as the specifications of the client or the user. These criteria should be particularly observed for event rooms and museum areas. The CFD simulation of the technical building equipment (air conditioning technology) serves in the context of the building physics and the ambient conditions - weather, adjacent rooms, technology, people, usage scenarios, etc. - as a tool for checking the planning of indoor air conditioning systems and positions with regard to their suitability for compliance the required comfort orconservation criteria.

Correction of the plant technology

Above all, the worst case scenario had to be considered, i.e. the highest temperatures in summer and the lowest in winter - each including solar radiation. In both cases, the system should work in such a way that the general conditions are met. Even wind tunnel measurements were made on a corresponding model in order to have parameters as input variables for the simulation of the flow around the building. As a result of some numerical simulations, the system technology was corrected (especially in the rooms).

Ansys' software was able to demonstrate its strengths as part of the 'Humboldtforum' project. "Ansys software applies to the simulation of indoor air flows in connection with heat transport and, in particular, the implementation of solar radiation with a corresponding radiation model in Ansys Fluent as a complex, robust and validated software package that is also scientifically recognized," emphasizes Donald Stubbe. “But of course you also need a certain amount of know-how as a fluid mechanic. After all, the results are only as good as the input values.”From 2019, visitors will probably be able to enjoy the benefits of Ansys 'preliminary work' live in the Berlin Palace - because then the Humboldt Forum will open. (mz)

Flow simulation

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