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Seven Innovations From Electrical Drive Technology

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Seven Innovations From Electrical Drive Technology
Seven Innovations From Electrical Drive Technology

Video: Seven Innovations From Electrical Drive Technology

Video: Seven Innovations From Electrical Drive Technology
Video: Module 1: Introduction to Modern Electric Drives 2023, December

Lenze has expanded its i500 frequency inverter family for decentralized applications. With IO-Link, the sensors and actuators distributed in an application can be easily integrated into the higher-level control level in order to exchange process, asset and parameterization data. No special cables or manual addressing are necessary for this. If an IO-Link master is already being used in a network, the new i550 protec can be connected at a low cost. The company starts marketing the new series with a power range up to 2.2 kW and plans to gradually expand it up to 75 kW

An overview of all new products:

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Highly dynamic water-cooled special motors with sensor system

SPL GmbH offers highly dynamic synchronous or asynchronous motors with an integrated, liquid-cooled drive. The main areas of application are directly or indirectly driven, high-speed processes. Due to the technical requirements, the construction is comparable to high-frequency motor spindles that are used in industrial manufacturing technology.

High-precision ball bearings and high mechanical manufacturing accuracy of the components should enable low-noise operation. All mechanically important components are hardened. Bearing seats and fits are ground without exception. According to the manufacturer, the product therefore has a long service life.

Permanent grease lubrication is used to lubricate the precision bearings. In particularly speed-critical cases, oil-air lubrication can also be provided. Encoders with 1 VSS or TTL output signal are installed. Sensor systems for monitoring all relevant mechanical and electrical properties can be provided on request. Customers currently have types of up to 200 kW drive power, 60,000 revolutions and approx. 600 Nm torque.

User meeting mechatronic drive technology

Avoid errors in the drive design

Rare earth engine technology

Engine standards have been around for decades. Nevertheless, the demand for higher efficiency is increasing, as more and more strict regulations are issued for the entire system consisting of fans, pumps and compressors. Plant manufacturers rely on new motor technologies in order to achieve the best possible system efficiency and at the same time use sustainable materials. ABB's Baldor-Reliance-EC-Titanium range combines “Ferrite Assisted Synchronous Reluctance” (FASR) technology with rare-earth magnetic materials. In this way, according to the company, efficiency requirements of the IE 5 standard are not only met, but even exceeded.

Individually tailored drive systems for intralogistics

Nord Drivesystems creates individually tailored drive solutions for intralogistics based on the Logidrive concept, an energy-efficient, service-friendly and standardized modular system. Logidrive drives consist of an energy-efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor with a nominal output of up to 5.5 kW, a two-stage bevel helical gear unit and a Nordac-Link frequency converter installed close to the motor. The system has a modular structure so that all components can be serviced individually. With the new IE5 + synchronous motor, the company was able to further optimize energy efficiency and the reduced number of variants in the modular system.

DC motors for medical applications

Faulhaber has developed the new sterilizable 2057… BA motor family for medical applications. The motors are housed in a rustproof, moisture-resistant stainless steel housing. During development, they were extensively tested for their resistance to the stress of autoclaving. These tests ensure that the standard motor can withstand 1000 cycles in the autoclave without damage. For the sensor-free variant, the value is 1500 cycles. Autoclavable motors are often used in the handpieces of dental or surgical hand instruments, where mostly very high speeds are needed.

User meeting mechatronic drive technology

The focus of the user meeting mechatronic drive technology is on the mechanical components of gears, clutches and brakes as well as their design, dimensioning and interaction in the overall mechatronic system.

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With synchronous servomotors and backlash-free gears for the mechatronic drive system

The BHA series servo drives from Harmonic Drive combine highly dynamic, compact synchronous servomotors and backlash-free gears with an output bearing. According to the manufacturer, the servo drives with hollow shaft have a low weight, small volume, very good torque density, long service life and reliability. The economic design and the optimized production methods offer a cost-effective and precise drive system - even for large production volumes and with standard delivery times. In addition, thanks to the flexible configuration of the motor winding and motor feedback system, it is compatible with almost all servo drives on the market.

Frequency converter with NRTL approval for use in the USA

The SD2B plus from Sieb & Meyer is now also available with NRTL approval. As a result, the devices can be integrated into systems for the US market without additional approvals. An additional high current variant offers a 30% higher nominal and peak current compared to the standard version with the same volume. The SD2B plus is suitable for use as a servo amplifier for the operation of low-voltage servomotors and optimizes the operation of low-voltage synchronous and asynchronous motors. In the high-speed range, as a frequency converter, it enables sensor-based control based on TTL encoders.

Decentralized drive technology