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Winter Colors

Winter Colors
Winter Colors

Video: Winter Colors

Video: Winter Colors
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Nature offers us the most beautiful color designs because it shows us color combinations in every season.

These correspond with each other and result in a harmonious appearance. The most versatile and interesting season is winter. It is presented in green or gray, sometimes with white snow, but also with yellow sunshine and azure sky. People who feel drawn to this time of year can be a winter type according to the concept of color type style advice. Purple blouse, white skirt, black jacket, shoes and bag silver colored, plus a black and yellow cap. "How you look again!" Says the boss to his employee, "but it suits you." It is obvious that the employee is a winter type because of the color combination she selected. Because the colors are symbolic to the inside of a person, color psychology is able toRecognize relationships between colors and character traits. The combination of shades is characteristic of the nature of the winter type. The typical colors of a color type are available as a concept in the color fan set from DS Colors.

The winter type can appear cool and distant. On the other hand, he is compassionate and sensitive. He motivates his fellow men with humor. He easily manages everyday things. He is valued as a leader and organizational talent. Compared to the color types of spring, summer or autumn, the winter types black, lacquer or colors are shiny and cold like metal. He combines black with shiny shocking pink, ice colors that sparkle like diamonds in the sun, steel blue also with lemon yellow. The winter type loves impressive, lasting color contrasts. A wine-red wall combined with broken gray becomes an eye-catcher. A lively mood is achieved with sun yellow and deep blue. Walls in ice blue,Ice turquoise or bright pink with mahogany furniture are a unique sight that is second to none. Effects that are not everyday are also achieved with Bordeaux red and pink. He finds a navy-blue seating group decorated with lemon-yellow cushions cool.

For the winter type, kitchens are a place where they can "unfold". Impressive colors on the wall and for the furniture “inspire” him and make him a gourmet. The kitchen colors can be emerald green, ice pink, azure blue, lavender. White or steel-colored kitchen furniture goes well with these colors.

For the bathroom, the "ox blood red" that was loved many years ago, combined with white, is still a beloved and modern color scheme for the winter type. Silver-colored fittings give this color combination a certain elegance. The study for the winter type is furnished objectively in a shade of blue with silver gray, a little yellow to increase his creativity and shocking pink for his "drive". A pine green bedroom ensures relaxation and a good night's sleep. A silver-colored Mercedes with blue or wine-red seat cushions would also be chic.

With this high-contrast color design, the typical hue of a color is crucial for a harmonious appearance. The color fan set from DS Colors can be used as advice and guidance. With 28 colors that correspond to each other, the specialist can show his customer color combinations during the consultation, with which the customer can identify and "seduce" him to unplanned orders. The color fan set is a modern and optimal color concept in fan form for customer advice.

Not only the colors, but also the appropriate shapes and materials contribute to a harmonious overall picture. The cold and clear colors for the winter type require angular shapes and robust materials such as marble, steel, hardwoods. Recommendations as to which colors, shapes and materials should be combined for the winter type are also included in the color type fan set from DS Colors.

Dorit Schankin, DS Colors Photo: Maxim_Kazmin / Fotolia Source: Malerblatt 01/2013

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