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Andrea Gündera, TYP Workshop

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Andrea Gündera, TYP Workshop
Andrea Gündera, TYP Workshop

Video: Andrea Gündera, TYP Workshop

Video: Andrea Gündera, TYP Workshop
Video: Österreichische Meisterschaften AK Halle 2007 2023, June

For the first impression there is no second chance. This well-known sentence also refers to the appearance of the craftsman at the customer. Image coach Andrea Gündera explains what to look out for and what can be improved in an interview with Malerblatt.

Some say, "This craftsman doesn't come into my house anymore". The others are enthusiastic about their craftsman. How do you rate this statement?

The craftsman with the enthusiastic customers understood what it was about. I assume that everyone knows their craft. But this small additional benefit for the customer - from the friendly "Good morning, I'm Sebastian Höflich from the customer-friendly company" to "Would you please have a vacuum cleaner so that we can leave our construction site clean?" To correct clothing - often decides about this whether future orders will follow or not.

Coaching has long been a common method in other economic sectors to promote the development and solution competence of people and employees. Why do you, as an image coach, think that modern coaching methods make sense in traditional trades as well?

The craft has a long tradition. But it must also meet today's requirements in every respect. Coaching helps to stabilize personal strengths. If you have a healthy self-confidence, you can also treat other people confidently and respectfully. Through coaching it is possible to take different perspectives and thus to recognize the path for other solutions.

Where do you start as an image coach for the trade?

First of all, I work specifically with the corporate management to develop the image that is to be transported outside and inside. On the other hand, it is always better if an outsider looks at the whole in a value-neutral manner. This includes so-called construction site shadowing and customer feedback to see where the weak points are.

How does the TYP workshop ensure that the image is changed positively?

In training and coaching for bosses and employees, and sustainably through site shadowing and site visits. It is about the simple but enormously important things that every employee is motivated to implement. We also increasingly have employees with a migration background with different mentalities and habits on the construction site. For such teams, it is particularly important to act in a uniform manner and to represent the company in a trustworthy and competent manner - because every craftsman is the “business card” of his company.

Do craftsmen need rules of conduct or instructions on how to dress?

I believe that not only craftsmen need this, but basically everyone. But based on my biography, I made a conscious decision to do handicrafts. With effective clothing, with style and “etiquette everyone is better received.

What do style and etiquette bring for customer acquisition and customer loyalty?

I start from myself. When I am served politely and courteously, I feel accepted and understood as a customer. That builds trust. I like to bind myself to such a service. One of my customers said style and craftsmanship is necessary to meet our customers at eye level.

Why don't many craftsmen take care of their public image and appearance themselves?

I know that artisans have an eye on these things. But most artisans suffer too much from their work stress. The recommendation "not only to work in, but on the company" can often hardly be implemented by craftsmen.

Under their portfolio "Image - Coaching - Potential Development" there is also a section for the partners of the craftsmen - what for?

Most craft businesses are family businesses. This means that the partners are also heavily involved. This includes telephoning, motivating, supporting and organizing up to the accompaniment at events. Here too, the partner has an external impact that shapes the image of the craftsman and the company. It is therefore important that everyone pulls together - including “backstage”.

Customers increasingly expect the so-called "additional benefit". What does that mean?

From a good craftsman, a specialist, I expect basics and that he masters his craft. But there is also “unspoken” that must also be maintained and mastered on the construction site. Here we are talking about the soft skills in the trade, for example tips for maintaining my new floor …

So much for site behavior and customer communication. One of your main areas of focus is color and style advice: Does that need a craft guild?

The basic idea behind the color advice is based on an overall harmony between face, hair and eyes. When clothing and women's jewelry and make-up fit into the overall picture, the overall look is fresher, more personable and more appealing. In a professional color and style consultation, you will also learn how you can act on third parties and how you can use your effect in a targeted manner.

What does that mean for a craftsman in his job?

At work, it is important that the employees are dressed cleanly, correctly and uniformly. I reveal a little trick: if employees have their name on their T-shirt or work jacket, customers find it very pleasant. Communication is easier if you know the name of the other person.

And at events?

How you act and whether you take the right dress code into account is noticed by many people at events - including perhaps potential customers. You appear much more confident and confident when you know that the clothes fit the occasion.

Ms. Gündera, thank you very much for the interview

The interview was conducted by Heide Pick, freelance journalist, PR + press, 72417 Jungingen.

Source: Malerblatt 02/2012

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