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With The Subarea Search Quickly To The Right Counterpart

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With The Subarea Search Quickly To The Right Counterpart
With The Subarea Search Quickly To The Right Counterpart

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Simus Systems, an expert in technical mass data, uses the Classmate Finder software to help you find 3D CAD models and components. The tool combines company information from PDM, ERP and CAD systems and opens up extensive research and access options for users. The data search engine offers various combinable options: a search for keywords, navigation in the graphically displayed class tree, a feature- or geometry-based search and a search for similar parts or duplicates based on a comparison data set. The results are presented in lists and visually as 2D and 3D preview images.

Fast sub-area search and mobile easy finder

The browser-based additional module Classmate Easy-Finder can be integrated directly into existing PDM, ERP and CAD systems. In this way, designers stay in their familiar environment and save time. If required, users can access component information via smartphone and tablet regardless of the system, for example during meetings or on the go. A warehouse employee can use a mobile device to scan the QR code of a component in the warehouse and directly see the associated data. He could then quickly find a suitable counterpart and display its storage location.

User-friendly features make work easier

The search for geometrically similar components also takes into account freely definable sub-areas of CAD models. User-friendly features such as easy marking options with the mouse and a visual presentation make work easier. Assuming that a sheet has an unusual fold or a special hole arrangement as a sub-area, which cannot be found using a feature-based search, Classmate Finder lists all components and assemblies that have the same or similar sub-areas, such as the one, based on the geometry special drilling arrangement. After a successful search, tools or matching counterparts can be identified, for example. (mz)

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