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IndekoGeo Interior Color. Conserves Resources

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IndekoGeo Interior Color. Conserves Resources
IndekoGeo Interior Color. Conserves Resources

Video: IndekoGeo Interior Color. Conserves Resources

Video: IndekoGeo Interior Color. Conserves Resources
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Christian Bosold and his team from the painting company Bosold from Küllstedt in the Hotel FREIgeist in Göttingen applied around 5,000 liters of paint, including the interior paint IndekoGeo - they worked on a total of about 15,000 square meters.

Author: Katharina Mandlinger | Photos: Sebastian Böttcher

The exterior facade of the hotel is elegantly understated with gray clinker and floor-to-ceiling windows, and the interior design also captivates with Nordic design: the interior of the hotel is simple and straightforward - high-quality materials, selected works of art and design objects can fully unfold their effect here. Graffiti paintings are also found throughout the house, even in the underground car park, which capture and captivate the guest's gaze.

IndekoGeo: soft natural tones

On the ground floor, which houses an event kitchen as well as meeting and conference rooms of various sizes in addition to the entrance area and lobby, restrained natural tones such as light and dark gray harmonize with walls made of exposed concrete. In the hallways, areas kept in ocher add warm accents. The delicate light gray and ocher colors from the ground floor can also be found in the rooms and underline the pleasantly quiet feeling of comfort in the airy rooms. In the hallways of the upper floors, the natural tones are supplemented by isolated areas that are kept in a striking blue - this offers the eye a little variety and at the same time supports hotel guests with orientation in the house.

Conserves resources

Christian Bosold and his team from the Bosold painting company in Küllstedt applied around 5,000 liters of paint to the hotel - they worked on a total of around 15,000 square meters. The interior color IndekoGeo was used: the interior color belongs to the CapaGeo product range, which for the most part consists of renewable, vegetable raw materials. Instead of in a plastic bucket, the inner dispersions come in recycling containers. The binder for these products is made from 100 percent biogas and bio-naphtha and complies with the ISCC standard (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) for safe, climate-friendly biomass.

"In the Hotel FREIgeist it is very nice to see that the resource-saving color can also be used wonderfully on a large area," explains Günter Krämer, regional key account manager for the manufacturer. The clear objective of the environmentally friendly product range is to move away from oil and towards renewable raw materials - and that with consistently high product quality, with which perfect results can be achieved: “In our projects, we pay great attention to the materials, building materials used and, of course, colors are environmentally friendly if possible and are therefore very pleased that the hotel relies on IndekoGeo,”says Robert Schwindt from EBR Projektentwicklung GmbH.

Holistic approach

The hotel is part of the new quarter at Groner Tor, which is currently being built - centrally located between the main train station and the city center. In a historic building right next door, the former Institute for Zoology, the future "Knowledge Knowledge" (opening 2020) is the new knowledge museum of the University of Göttingen under construction: a lighthouse project for the city, which should attract guests from all over the world in the future. In addition, an office building was built in parallel on the site, into which the Sparkasse Göttingen moved. "Our goal was to develop an urban district from the wasteland at Groner Tor, which in its entirety does justice to the meaningful concept of the Knowledge Forum," says Robert Schwindt from EBR Projektentwicklung GmbH, who wrote the concept for the district."That is why we have developed the holistic approach of a lively district in which people feel comfortable and enjoy being out there."

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