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Creative, Innovative And Experimental: Retail As A Design Statement

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Creative, Innovative And Experimental: Retail As A Design Statement
Creative, Innovative And Experimental: Retail As A Design Statement

Video: Creative, Innovative And Experimental: Retail As A Design Statement

Video: Creative, Innovative And Experimental: Retail As A Design Statement
Video: How to get creative, innovative, and impactful ideas in experimentation 2023, April

Shops are increasingly turning into experience spaces with their own personality. Creativity and expressiveness as well as conveying a style and atmosphere that is consistent with the brand are crucial.

Author: Livia Baum | Photos: Diessner

Salesrooms are perceived with all senses and arouse different emotions. Creative, innovative, and experimental - design in the retail sector is now often a trend and stimulus. In terms of brand emotionalization, the shop should pass on the company's values perfectly to the customers and be remembered by good design and impress in the long term. A conceptual interior design supports the value of the goods, guides the customer and underlines the identity of the manufacturer or service provider. Innovative design trends in the interior play a role as well as classic, well-known style themes. Depending on the image, the point of sale and the corporate identity should reflect the brand and enter into a creative connection.

Promote quality of experience

Digitization is also increasingly demanding the transformation from a well-known business to a “shopping adventure”. Customers want to go on a journey and get to know the company through the room, or identify with it - storytelling is therefore an important factor in shop design. From the loud, stylish industrial look, unconventional indoor jungle to noble, puristic stagings, the sales room becomes a stage on which the products are staged using sophisticated details. The focus is also on topics such as comfort and well-being. The shop thus gets a new “living room atmosphere”, appears more personal and invites you to linger through lounge areas or associated cafés.

Room layout with shape and color

When designing, it is important to take a holistic view of the room in order to create a stylistic concept. A style consists of various individual building blocks. In addition to the existing architecture, the design language of the furniture and products, such as counters, seating, lamps and accessories, the colors, materials and surfaces are an important design element. It is important for the structure of the room to form different zones. Each area should stand on its own, but should be understood as an overall design. With the representative show areas, the individual advisory area or the communicative reception and workplaces, attention must be paid to individuality, but also to a related character.

Moodboards as a source of inspiration for retail design

A mood board conveys the atmosphere of a design idea by combining different elements that create an overall picture world. When designing a shop, this can be helpful during the design phase. The new advisory system from Diessner "artistic Color" shows, for example, 25 room creations for different areas of application from living to office to innovative concepts for retail design. The styles are presented using mood boards and integrated into new room compositions using Valpaint surface techniques and matching colors. One example is the “Industrial Elegance” style (Color Manual No. 14). This style creates with the offensive and strong wall coating “Mavericks RIF. 22 “a noble atmosphere. Exciting structures provide an unconventional eye catcher, the dynamic optics support the overall story and activate space and visitors.

Extravagant look

The shimmering metallic colors with a deep blue effect create an extravagant look together with warm sand tones. The shades of blue are transported in a warm atmosphere, creating an exciting contrast. The dark and cool granite tone in combination with the reddish brown ore looks sophisticated and powerful. This creates a mix of materials from dark woods and trendy marble surfaces.

Patinous, noble structures and glamorous silver look graceful and unique. A touch of nostalgia swings through the rooms, which stylishly round off the elegant design. This combination is perfectly suitable for extravagant clothing or jewelry design, as it creates an activating, extraordinary consulting atmosphere.


There are hardly any limits to the interior design - courage, fascination and fun in design make shopping an aesthetic attraction. Shopping is increasingly changing into a visual and sensual adventure, in which personal advice also reflects the new lifestyle and is given high priority. Retail becomes a place of identity and communication.

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Moodboards provide a recipe for interior design, but leave room for further development. The style can be interpreted in different directions, for example: a reduced version of "Industrial Elegance" combines the blue color with the intense Mavericks surface and harmonizes the design with light cream tones. The interpretation is intense with hard accents in deep black and spherical, trendy gray violet. These variants can be used perfectly for conscious zoning.

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