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With Us Through The Year

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With Us Through The Year
With Us Through The Year

New Year's resolutions? How about these three from an early Malerblatt brochure:

1. “Every customer has something in his head that is particularly important to him. Experts call this concept the dominant customer request. It should definitely be fulfilled with the order. That is why we are now asking each customer what he attaches particular importance to when executing the order."

2. “The customer is becoming more and more knowledgeable. That is why we are increasing our advisory skills by continuously training our employees."

3. “Older people are by no means only interesting customers for manufacturers of stairlifts. You are active and often need a change of scenery. We now offer them for houses and apartments. With an attractive senior package.

Try instead of discuss - that's the name of the brochure quoted.

Shortage of skilled workers a fake?

We don't actually have a shortage of skilled workers, but a lack of efficiency. In any case, well-known entrepreneurs with a background in ergonomics claim that up to 40 percent of the time and manpower is wasted on reactive power that does not serve to create added value and does nothing for the customer. The experts cite long meetings, unnecessary search and waiting times, avoidable transport and the elimination of defects as an example. There is sure to be something there. What our sociologist Parkinson has already found also applies to our companies: “Work takes as long as time is available.” That is why realistic time constraints are so important for order processing in our labor-intensive trade. In this way, useless reactive power and unpaid overqualities can be reduced. And drastically.

Up and down

Of course, it will be at the expense of energy modernization if only 8 instead of 11 percent of the costs are now passed on to rents and these can only be increased by 3 euros per square meter, even less with low rents, within six years. This also does nothing for the tenants if the realizable property tax is increased as planned. With this up and down it goes on and on.

Hartz IV don't talk bad

Thanks to the Hartz reforms and a good economy, the number of long-term unemployed has more than halved. Nevertheless, the SPD and the Greens want to abolish the successful model and replace it with unconditional care. While Andrea Nahles describes the rare sanctions for those who are unreliable and unwilling to work as humiliation and stigmatization, the head of the Federal Employment Agency believes that taxpayers' benefits can at least be expected to be reliable when making appointments. Many see it that way. A system that equips a family with two children with as much resources as an ICE train driver has in the same situation, for example, may need improvement here and there. But it's not as bad as it is being said now.

Disadvantages of the precaution

Who has provided for his age privately, z. B. receives a direct insurance or an additional company pension, pays twice as much for health insurance as a recipient of a statutory pension. The Union wants to change that in the new year - but only for the future. Hopefully it won't be a dream of the future: there is still no agreement on the financing.

Quality is respected

No, the high architectural quality and the craftsmanship with expensive materials in the IG high-rise, which has been the campus of the Goethe University in Frankfurt for years, are not what initially amazes visitors. Rather, it is the incredible cleanliness and integrity, both in the historic wing and in the high-quality new buildings. Nowhere, neither in the stairwells and hallways, nor in the cafeterias or auditoriums, a smear or slogan, a paper on the floor or even a tip. Absolutely nothing. And this impressive cleanliness continues in the huge outdoor facilities. Here, too, there is hardly any waste on paths or on the lawn - and this with around 25,000 students who use the outdoor area and party at night in summer. The connection between design and craft quality and social behavior is clearly confirmed. Students whom I asked about shrugged their shoulders and said "that's the way it is here." Quality is respected and is untouchable. Is just the way.

Work is fun

At least that's what many retirees say. Every sixth over 65 continues to work. The reasons given by the seniors are above all: fun at work, contacts to people and the desire for a job. Fear of an increase in retirement age is obviously becoming less and less.


Author Werner Schledt was for decades a business consultant and association manager in the Hessian painting and varnishing trade.

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