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Back To The Roots Of The Painter

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Back To The Roots Of The Painter
Back To The Roots Of The Painter

Video: Back To The Roots Of The Painter

Video: Back To The Roots Of The Painter
Video: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Back to the roots ► ПЕРВОЕ МНЕНИЕ 2023, December

Two men, three principles and one dream: Sascha Jabs and Gernot Schierl founded their joint painting business relatively late and thus fulfilled their heart's desire. We were there.

Author: Evelyn Becker

We can do that too”or rather“We can do that better”. Driven by this idea, Jabs and Schierl founded the painting and plastering company SJ Coatings seven years ago.

Right from the start, they had a clear goal in mind: “We wanted to reach a niche and we both knew that a special direction was necessary. Our credo has always been: Sustainable, ecological and mineral.”And the two continue to adhere to this.

Back to the roots

"We really started from scratch," reflects Jabs, recalling the sparsely furnished room that is now her office, where orders and sample panels are stacked. According to Sascha Jabs, a lot of pioneering spirit was required for this. "It was very difficult to grow and build it all up, even though we are both university students." Not everything went as smoothly and organized as it does today. "I had sleepless nights," admits Jabs. "Stomping a company out of the ground is not easy for us as industry experts." The two tell of the difficulties with the bank, the "begging" for loans and, last but not least, the very current problem of young talent.

But how does this company differ from other painting companies? "We have a slightly different history," explains Jabs. "That's why we do a lot of things differently." The two experienced craftsmen built their independence on the basis of their successful careers in industry and trade. "Usually the way is the other way round, but our experience has brought us a lot of positive things."

With their way, the two try to advance their company and to always be one step ahead of the competition. Sometimes, Schierl admits, they might have been a little early with some ideas. Often something didn't work because of that, but that didn't stop the two experienced painters. “Sustainability is particularly important to us - this is proven not only by our credo, but above all by the products we work with and the services we offer.

Don't be stingy with expertise

In addition to typical work such as wallpapering or interior design with creative techniques, SJ coatings has positioned itself much more broadly - and still specialized in certain areas: concrete renovation, photocatalytic coatings, old building renovation and monument conservation, floor coatings for special requirements and, of course, ecological systems such as hemp or wood insulation belongs in the portfolio. But work alone is not enough, as both of us assure us: “Often a very important point is forgotten, and that is the employees. Leadership is very important to us.”In addition, targeted marketing does not cut costs.

With the large spectrum, one or the other may well ask how a painting company with ten employees can do all of this. The company owners respond to this with their extensive expertise. "If we wanted to, we could bombard you with titles and degrees now," laughs Jabs. In fact, the curriculum vitae of the two craftsmen is impressive: from the state-certified technical specialist and energy consultant to the state-certified construction technician and graduate in business administration. Both remain very modest and always remember the essential: “We are painters and understand our craft. And the most important thing is that you still have fun doing it.”

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We do a lot of things differently than other painting companies