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Foils For Interior Renovation

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Foils For Interior Renovation
Foils For Interior Renovation

Video: Foils For Interior Renovation

Video: Foils For Interior Renovation
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Visiting Resimdo in Altbach: Up to now, foils have mainly been used in the field of vehicle tuning. Now foils should also be used for renovations.

Author: Andreas Ehrfeld | Photos: Jonas John - Spreadfilms GmbH

An older Swabian gentleman made sure that painters could also benefit from the additional film business in the future. Resimdo Managing Director Burhan Kotel laughs when he remembers the starting signal for his company: "The customer asked us whether we, as a vehicle wrapper, could also film his old kitchen." He spontaneously called a price that the customer immediately accepted: "Cheaper than buying a new kitchen," said the prospect. A lot has happened since then at Kotel and its colleagues: the foiling of vehicles was completely abandoned in favor of furniture foiling, the company moved into storage and office space in Altbach near Esslingen in Swabia. Does foiling take the painter's work away? The expert says no. After all, it was necessary to work accurately here, a characteristic that painters had always been used to. Other plus points that the painter brings along loudly: "Anyone who works in the painter's craft has an idea of the surface, of sanding, of stenciling."

Foils for walls, floors and ceilings

The operation of Ralf Schäfer, the painter's workshop Schäfer from Neuhausen, was on board as a certified partner. The film can be used on any smooth surface, be it the old laminate floor that is to be stuck over, the walls, which should be given a film instead of a coat of paint, or the ceiling. The customer can choose from many different decors, for example, wood optics for the walls are very popular. What if you have had enough of the wall decoration after a few years? "The foils can be removed from the surface without leaving any residue," the specialist promises. In addition, according to Kotel, the film does not yellow either. It is robust, even washable.

The target group can be seen at Resimdo, particularly in the catering and medical practices. In the picture gallery we show the respective work steps using a bathroom renovation.

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