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Do Workers Have To Fear The Digital Revolution?

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Do Workers Have To Fear The Digital Revolution?
Do Workers Have To Fear The Digital Revolution?

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Video: How the digital revolution is changing learning | Steve Fiehl | TEDxAix 2023, January

Companies can only master future challenges with the right skills from their employees. According to the results of the survey, the current change process particularly calls for doer qualities such as courage, organizational strength and innovation. Employees 4.0 should also have strong social skills, because they have to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams. 84% of managers see this ability as an important prerequisite for the new world of work. For the survey, 100 general managers from commercial companies in Germany were interviewed.

"The results show that German employees have a high need for security - this is not surprising in a profound change process like the digital revolution," says Rainer Neubauer, Managing Director of Metaberatung in Düsseldorf. “For example, employees expect their employer to ensure a safe job. That's what 82% of managers say. In return, companies need a high level of willingness to change in the workforce."

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In addition, a good three quarters of those surveyed attach great importance to assertive and ambitious team members who do not lose sight of a desired goal. 77% of managers consider emotionally stable personalities to be important in the digitized world of work. “Emotionally stable employees are well suited for the newly created jobs in the digital transformation, because these colleagues can master changes more easily. They also affect the entire team because they give others security. With scientifically valid personality processes, we support companies in illuminating precisely these areas of personality,”says Neubauer.

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