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Efficient Data Management In Product Creation

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Efficient Data Management In Product Creation
Efficient Data Management In Product Creation

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Video: Webinar: Data Management for the Digital Prototyping Workflow 2023, January

The standard integration of Helios in the ERP software from Beosys rounds off this package and enables users from a wide range of industries to have consistent and transparent product data management across all areas and locations.

Store and manage knowledge centrally

Company-relevant knowledge from e-mails, documentation and production drawings, for example, is managed centrally and is always available at the moment. Workflow-based procedures and processes such as access rights, version control, document distribution, work instructions, and hierarchical process sequences can also be regulated with Helios. This improves cross-department / cross-site communication and collaboration - with positive effects on the entire product development and order processing process.

Information from CAD to PDM to ERP traceable

Helios offers all functions for an article master-oriented way of working in product creation, whereby the resulting work results are communicative towards material planning (ERP). The item master information is compared bidirectionally based on its geometry representation in the different CAD systems between PDM and ERP, whereby the composition, scope and maintenance responsibilities can be configured. Position and header data of structural information are clearly traceable from CAD to PDM to the ERP basic and order data. (mz)

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