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More Efficiency In The Product Creation Process

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More Efficiency In The Product Creation Process
More Efficiency In The Product Creation Process

Video: More Efficiency In The Product Creation Process

Video: More Efficiency In The Product Creation Process
Video: Improved Centrifugal Pump Design with CFD Simulation 2023, May

Due to current demands on product development such as increasing complexity and increasing time and cost pressure, designers and product developers have to rethink the product creation process in order to streamline processes and make them more efficient. The Smart Engineering Day offers designers and developers decision-making aids for the selection of the most suitable methods and tools for the development of competitive smart products

The event shows how you

  • develop cost-effectively thanks to new construction methods,
  • use the possibilities of simulation intelligently,
  • design innovative products using new methods such as Lego Serious Play and
  • Cleverly automate design processes.

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VDI 2221: Adapt product development processes to current requirements

In the "Construction Methods" forum, Prof. Dr. Frank Mantwill of the Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg presented the innovations of the updated VDI guideline 2221. Prof. Mantwill is chairman of the technical committee at the VDI, which oversees the development guidelines and was responsible for the VDI 2221.

In his lecture, he shows how companies can use the VDI 2221 guideline to put their product development processes to the test and adapt them to current requirements.

The key data

Smart engineering day

Date: May 7, 2020

Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Early bird discount: Until March 31, 2020

Location: Vogel Convention Center, Würzburg

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Approach product development methodically

The guideline VDI 2221 was published in November 2019 in a completely revised and now two-part version. This gives companies the opportunity to critically review their development processes and adapt them to current requirements in order to cope with the increasing complexity and at the same time shorter development cycles.

  • VDI 2221, Sheet 1: The sheet describes a general model of product development based on a systematic process in which the development activity is divided into logical phases. The model abstracts a real development process. For implementation in a real environment, it is necessary to take into account specific context factors that have an impact on product development.
  • This model is described in concrete terms in VDI 2221 Sheet 2. In practice, individual activities are often grouped together into development phases based on schedule or organizational schedules. Depending on the product, industry and organization in the company, such a summary can be done in different ways using different terms. These phases, which depend on the respective product or the requirements defined in the specifications, are explained and illustrated in the new sheet 2 using real development processes for different products as examples.

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