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Complete Solution For The Aerospace Industry

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Complete Solution For The Aerospace Industry
Complete Solution For The Aerospace Industry

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Video: AERO STRUCTURE TECHNOLOGY DAYS 2018, new solutions for the aerospace industry 2023, January

A number of new functions have been published for the Hyperworks software suite from Altair, which are intended to improve work processes enormously and offer a complete environment for model building and solutions for voltage analysis for the aerospace industry.

The new tools enable aerospace engineers to increase their work efficiency on daily tasks, including concept design, creating complete and detailed finite element models, evaluating results, and post-processing and reporting for certification.

From concept to FE model

In detail, Hyperworks 14.0 enables concept models to be expanded to models with global loads and then to detailed FE models (GFEM to DFEM). The basis is a common “CAE Master Model Organization”, which in turn can be exchanged with PLM, PDM or CAD systems. This master model approach enables individual work groups to work independently on subassemblies that can later be merged with the global master model. Configuration management can be used to derive model variants from the same original model. (mz)

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