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Energy Efficient Solutions In Heat Management

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Energy Efficient Solutions In Heat Management
Energy Efficient Solutions In Heat Management

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Chillventa is the leading trade fair for energy efficiency, heat pumps and refrigeration technology and takes place this year from October 11th to 13th in Nuremberg. EBM-Papst shows the latest fans and solutions for various areas of application.

Revolutionary concept for axial fans

In the case of axial fans that work in evaporators, condensers or heat exchangers in ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology, in addition to the required volume flow, noise emissions and energy efficiency are also decisive. In order to be able to exploit the remaining optimization potential, the fan must be viewed as an overall system - consisting of an impeller, motor, housing and control electronics. Efficiency increases can only be achieved with improvements in aerodynamics. EBM-Papst has therefore developed a revolutionary concept for axial fans, which will be presented for the first time at Chillventa.

Cooling system

Cooling systems intelligently networked

Axitop diffuser for axial fan with 1.25 m diameter

The 1250 mm axial fans are equipped with new blades with an optimized angle of inclination. Axial fans of this size can now also be combined with the Axitop diffuser. The improvement in fluid technology and the simultaneous use of the diffuser should reduce energy consumption by 25% and at the same time increase the overall efficiency to over 50%. Due to the powerful 6 kW electronics, a volume flow of up to 65,000 m³ / h can be achieved according to the manufacturer. These fans are used in power generation plants, in gas plants and compressor stations as well as in large refrigeration plants and condensers.

Thermal management

Two counter-rotating fans with high flow rate and efficiency

Selection software "Fanscout" certified by TÜV Süd

A fan that is too weak means insufficient cooling; a fan that is too powerful consumes energy unnecessarily. In order to find the optimal fan quickly and safely from the extensive EBM-Papst range, the "Fanscout" selection software will be presented at Chillventa. The software is based on characteristic maps measured for each fan / motor combination. The operating data generated from the software should therefore be very precise. The calculation accuracy compared to real measurements was assigned to the highest accuracy class and confirmed by TÜV Süd. Fans operated in parallel, so-called Fangrids, are also taken into account in the selection. (sh)

Chillventa 2016: Hall 4A, Stand 313

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