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Lean CAD Models Simplify Handling

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Lean CAD Models Simplify Handling
Lean CAD Models Simplify Handling

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Video: Simplify an imported 3D CAD file 2023, January

Ever more complex CAD models pose problems for many manufacturers and developers because handling and processing are made more difficult. If you are already in despair when opening the files, you can resort to CAD-Doctor and have the geometry of the models repaired and simplified. The CAD specialist Camtex is now presenting the new CAD-Doctor EX 7.1 in German.

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Simplify geometry, improve handling

CAD-Doctor was designed for converting, repairing and editing CAD data. But its range of functions includes a lot more, for example modules to simplify geometry or to create outer shells. For interference contours, it is sufficient to know the external shape and dimensions of a model. Here the inner workings would only make it difficult to exchange data. CAD-Doctor removes this with a few clicks, making handling easier. At the same time, envelope geometry is ideal for protecting company know-how. Outsiders only receive the information they actually need.

The outer skin function has been improved in the new CAD-Doctor EX 7.1 with extended features. Tools are now included for filling columns and creating fillings to facilitate the automatisms in CAD-Doctor. Gaps in the outer shell can be closed by volume, separate fillers or extrusion of surfaces. Existing volumes can be easily moved and moved.

B-reps for reverse engineering

The reverse engineering of CAD-Doctor allows the reverse engineering module. It enables the creation of CAD-compatible surface and solid bodies from point clouds or facet data (STL). This enables the further processing of measurement or scan data and the return of simulation results (FE meshes) to CAD.

In order to be able to generate high-quality B-reps from polygon data, the reverse engineering function has been expanded in the new CAD-Doctor EX 7.1. B-reps can also be generated from deformed polygon models, for example to return simulation results to the original model for control and collision analysis. And anyone who works with B-reps knows that it depends on the details. Even small errors can prevent the formation of closed solids. Warped or wavy edges in particular can interfere with the further processing of a model. To prevent this, CAD-Doctor automatically corrects damaged details, especially in transitions, and thus cleans up the model structure for reverse engineering.The test results between the original polygon and the created B-rep can then be compared in an overview.

Current interfaces:

CAD-Doctor EX 7.1 now officially supports Windows 10 and the following formats:

  • Catia V4.2.1 - V4.2.5
  • Catia V5 R19 - R26 (V5-6R2016)
  • Pro / E 2000i - Creo Parametric 3.0
  • UG10 - NX11
  • I-DEAS 6.3 - 6.5
  • Parasolid V7 - V28.1
  • ACIS R6 - R26
  • JT 6.4 - 10.0
  • Step AP203, AP214, AP242
  • Iges V5.2 - V5.3

The CAD specialist Camtex creates the German-language version of CAD-Doctor and provides support in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. More information about CAD-Doctor can be found on the Camtex website. (mz)

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