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Successful Maintenance Even Though Spare Parts Are Missing

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Successful Maintenance Even Though Spare Parts Are Missing
Successful Maintenance Even Though Spare Parts Are Missing

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Video: The Two Big Secrets of Spare Parts Management 2023, January

Obsolescence is the fact that a replacement component is no longer available during the life and use of a system. In particular for systems and machines that are 20 years or older, it is highly likely that this will happen. For operators and suppliers, this means that, as far as possible at the time of procurement, they start to think about how operation and the supply of spare parts can still be ensured even after many years of use.

These concepts must not be reduced to the quick procurement of spare parts and support in the event of damage, but must show a strategy with a long lead time. The so-called obsolescence management is part of risk management. When done correctly, it serves to avoid and reduce production or service failures due to outdated or no longer available processes, materials, software or production facilities. It also describes ways in which companies can deal with impending or existing obsolescence.

Furthermore, the triggers of obsolescence are explained in VDI 2882 and various solutions are described. Obsolescence management should be organizationally adapted to the existing company structures, because technical and commercial know-how are equally required. It also explains the criteria used to classify a system and its components and how a prioritization can be quickly worked out using a checklist.

The guideline describes obsolescence management from the point of view of the operator and guides through the entire process. It is aimed at operators of production or process plants, at asset management and maintenance service providers. It also addresses manufacturers of production and plant technology who want to deal with this topic together with the customer. The VDI Society for Production and Logistics (VDI-GPL) is the publisher of the VDI 2882 "Obsolescence Management" guideline. (qui)

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