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Focal Length Calculator For Free Download

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Focal Length Calculator For Free Download
Focal Length Calculator For Free Download

Video: Focal Length Calculator For Free Download

Video: Focal Length Calculator For Free Download
Video: Free CCTV Lens Calculator 2023, December

In addition to compact devices with permanently installed lenses and lighting units, the OC53 camera sensor series from IPF Electronic also offers solutions with a C-mount thread for interchangeable lenses and thus for applications in which, for example, B. more complex test tasks must be carried out at a given working distance on a larger or smaller work surface.

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But which compact device or which lens for a camera sensor with C-mount connection is suitable for which application? The Opti-Check Toolbox, which is now available for free download on the IPF Electronic website, helps you select the right solution by entering just a few parameters.

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After specifying the desired distance from the sensor to the test object, the size of the required field of view in the x and y direction and the required resolution in pixels per millimeter (Px / mm), the lean program provides suggestions for solutions with the appropriate focal length. In this context, the user can also decide at any time whether the output of the results corresponds to the recommended focal length or whether it should be smaller or larger.

Recommendations for required accessories

The overview not only presents the possibly suitable compact camera sensors or lenses for the C-Mount devices with 0.3; 1.2 and 2 megapixel resolution, but also gives application-specific recommendations for the necessary accessories.

The desired distance from these camera sensors to the object cannot always be achieved with a lens, given the size of the image field. Under certain circumstances, the user must also integrate so-called intermediate rings between the lens and camera sensor in order to achieve a sharp image display at the required working distance. In these cases, the Opti-Check Toolbox shows the necessary number and type of intermediate rings in addition to the lens. Furthermore, any necessary intermediate rings for the lens protection housing are shown. This housing belongs to the camera sensors with C-mount connection, which means that these devices achieve protection class IP67. In addition, the housings prevent unwanted manipulation or changes in the lens settings. (jv)