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Covestro Develops New Materials For 3D Printing

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Covestro Develops New Materials For 3D Printing
Covestro Develops New Materials For 3D Printing

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Video: UnionTech at TCT Asia 2021 - 4 New 3D Printers and 7 Material Partners 2023, January

Covestro offers a wide range of filaments for fused filament fabrication (FFF). It ranges from flexible thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) to high-strength polycarbonate (PC). The polycarbonates, which are converted into filaments by the partner Polymaker, are characterized by very good temperature stability and hardness. 3D-printed products made from these plastics are used in lighting and design as well as in other applications where good strength is important, even when exposed to heat.

3D printing

New FDM technology enables components of unlimited length to be printed

Covestro also offers thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) for selective laser sintering (SLS). The material is sintered using a laser beam. This creates spatial structures layer by layer. Here, TPU offers clear advantages over conventional SLS materials, which are less hard and elastic. Powdered TPU is already used in industrial production, for example in the manufacture of individual high-performance soles for shoes. The Covestro partner Lehmann & Voss & Co. formulates such products and sells them to important shoe manufacturers.

Covestro has also developed systems for stereolithography (SLA), digital light process (DLP) and inkjet printing. Due to the broad base of isocyanates and polyols, these polyurethane resins offer the unique opportunity to adapt properties such as hardness and flexibility as well as chemical and weather resistance to customer needs. In this way, object features in the volume can be created in a targeted manner, for example a property gradient. (qui)

3D printing

Manufacture additively or subtractively - decide price and material

Additive manufacturing

Art from the 3D printer

Additive manufacturing

First electric motorcycle from the 3D printer

3D printing

A prototype in just a few hours


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