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Steeltec Is Expanding Its Range Of Special Profiles

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Steeltec Is Expanding Its Range Of Special Profiles
Steeltec Is Expanding Its Range Of Special Profiles

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The steel profiles from Steeltec are suitable for a variety of different applications. Typical fields of application are, for example, complex precision parts of drive technology, vehicle and tool construction, medical technology as well as the furniture and fittings industry. The bright steel specialist produces the profiles at the Düsseldorf location. By hot rolling and cold drawing the special steel, Steeltec achieves the greatest possible proximity to the final dimensions of the profiles in terms of geometry and shape. The optimum forming process, cold drawing or hot rolling, is selected depending on the desired mechanical properties and the cross-sectional tolerances of the steel. Steeltec uses targeted cold forming for particularly high demands on the physical properties of steel. The special profiles are a cost-effective alternative,when machining on the part of the user is too complex and results in high material losses. As a result, customers benefit from reduced process costs and increased competitiveness.

Steeltec's production program includes more than 60 different profile designs. With the exception of air hardeners, almost all steel grades are available as special profiles. The delivery takes place in coiled rings with an outer diameter of max. 1200 mm or in bars with a delivery length between 3000 and 7600 mm. If required, the special steel manufacturer also offers pre-rolled production profiles as bars or rings as well as standard cross sections. The possibilities for producing cross-sectional shapes are almost unlimited and are largely limited only by shapes with undercut cross-sections. Weights per meter from 0.22 to 3.5 kg / m, with particularly favorable cross-sectional shapes up to 4.10 kg / m are possible.According to individual requirements, an experienced team of engineers develops further customer-specific manufacturing profiles based on the company's extensive technical possibilities. Steeltec provides practical solutions for almost every application. The profiles are available across Europe through the company's sales and service network. (qui)

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