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CAD Conversion For PDM Integration

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CAD Conversion For PDM Integration
CAD Conversion For PDM Integration

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Video: IFS Cloud CAD PDM PLM Connector 2023, January

With the Enterprise Data Manager (EDM), the German-French software manufacturer Core Technologie (CT) is now offering a solution for simple integration of the CAD converter 3D_Evolution in product data management (PDM) systems. This creates a complete conversion engine system: With the EDM process manager as well as the 3D_Evolution converter and 3D_Analyzer, CT offers a one-stop solution for converting and viewing CAD data that can be integrated into PDM environments.

Enterprise Data Manager controls all conversion jobs

With the 3D_Evolution converter, the holistic system has direct interfaces for all common CAD systems and formats such as Catia V5 / V6, NX, Creo, Solidworks, JT and STEP. Here, the higher-level EDM performs the conversion scalably and with high performance through multiprocessor calculation. The EDM also takes care of the license availability of the converters and the optimal utilization of the RAM on the conversion server.

All conversion jobs are managed in a central list and can be set automatically via command lines and a directory scanner tool. In addition, the EDM offers a web interface with which special conversions can also be introduced into the computer queue outside of the PDM process.

CAD viewer quickly displays even large assemblies

With the 3D_Analyzer, CT also offers a CAD viewer that has special functions for integration into PDM systems and guarantees optimal functionality with its interfaces and analysis functions. The viewer can also display large assemblies of several hundred megabytes converted to CT format within seconds. The exact B-REP description of the models enables precise measurements on standard geometry elements such as bore diameter. (mz)

3D data exchange

Automatic transfer of material information during JT data exchange

CAD data

Easily convert large JT and PLM XML assemblies

CAD data

3D analyzes in the PDF model

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