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Structure And Organize Simulation Data Efficiently

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Structure And Organize Simulation Data Efficiently
Structure And Organize Simulation Data Efficiently

Video: Structure And Organize Simulation Data Efficiently

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Video: CGF 2020: Multi Level Memory Structures for Simulating and Rendering Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics 2023, January

Simdata Manager is an enterprise CAE data management system that supports calculation engineers in managing the constantly growing number of simulations and their data from all areas, as well as global cooperation in simulation projects with the supply chain. The simulation models and variants created in the calculation process from the CAD geometries are linked bi-directionally to one another by the software, right up to the final simulation report, so that all project participants are always up to date.

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Integrated into the Hyperworks environment

Simdata Manager improves the efficiency of a project and its overall success by informing the engineers about changes or variants of the CAD models during the development process. This means that you can always immediately decide whether these changes are relevant for the current simulation. Hypermesh, Hyperview and Hypergraph have been integrated into Simdata Manager to make the access process to CAE data even more seamless for all engineers who already work with the Hyperworks environment.

Challenge: updates between CAD and CAE

"PDTec is delighted to be a member of the Altair Partner Alliance," said Albrecht Pfaff, Head of Sales and Marketing at PDTec. “We see the new partnership and the availability of Simdata Manager through the Hyperworks Units, which means a lot of advantages for Altair customers. For most large companies, the constant update between CAD and CAE, the amount and complexity of the CAE data and the use of CAE in many different disciplines is a major challenge. Global simulation teams work together on CAE projects and want to exchange calculation models and share analysis results. Simdata Manager is a central enterprise system with which all CAE data can be managed globally and in a structured manner and the simulations can be transparently traced via the audit trail.” (mz)

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