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System Solutions For Medical Pre-production

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System Solutions For Medical Pre-production
System Solutions For Medical Pre-production

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Video: Production of infusion solutions 2023, January

One of the requirements for medical technology is to develop complex devices with the smallest possible dimensions. This also requires special skills to design an optimal system solution in ventilation and drive technology: Compact and efficient technology generates waste heat that has to be dissipated even with the best efficiency.

Efficiency packaged compactly

Powerful, efficient and low-noise fans with a long service life support this. In addition, small, powerful and efficient drives offer maximum controllability. The majority of applications in medical technology are almost unthinkable today without these helpers, said EBM-Pope.

As an expert in air and drive technology, but also as a development partner, EBM-Papst develops a wide variety of high-tech solutions for applications in medical technology. Engine, electronics, gearbox and sensors: the modular modules can be combined in many ways. At Compamed, EBM-Pope presents efficient, compact and dynamic system solutions for medical technology. (mz)

EBM-Pope at Compamed 2016: Hall 08b, Stand H27.

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