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Medical Electronics Under The Dictate Of The MDR

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Medical Electronics Under The Dictate Of The MDR
Medical Electronics Under The Dictate Of The MDR

Video: Medical Electronics Under The Dictate Of The MDR

Video: Medical Electronics Under The Dictate Of The MDR
Video: Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices prior and after MDR 2023, June

The relationship between medical technology manufacturers and providers of electronic manufacturing services (EMS), i.e. also between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and PLM (Private Label Manufacturer), is particularly affected by the new requirements. With the MDR, the terms OEM and PLM are no longer applicable, which has far-reaching effects on business relationships and supply agreements. For example, the previous PLMs now have to maintain the complete technical documentation.

When the transition period for the implementation of the Medical Device Regulation ends on May 25, the last medical technology manufacturer and supplier must also be "MDR ready". But many of those affected are still far from it. It can be assumed that the majority of managers for regulatory affairs and quality are comparatively well prepared, but does this also apply to the experts from development and production involved? Many departments may still need considerable information here. "If not now, when?" You want to call out to all those who have been reluctant to prepare for the inevitable.

Submit lecture suggestions now

The makers of the specialist magazines Devicemed and Electronics Practice from the Vogel Communications Group not only observe this, but also offer help. On May 12th they are holding the conference "Medical electronics under the dictation of the MDR" in W├╝rzburg. For this purpose, experts from industry, research and development, notified bodies and other stakeholders are invited to submit proposals for lectures.

What is needed is a meaningful title and a brief description of the planned topic. Send your lecture proposal by March 2, 2020 simply by email * to Devicemed editor-in-chief Peter Reinhardt: [email protected]. The event is aimed at software and hardware developers, actors in purchasing, manufacturing and sales, and managers for quality and regulatory affairs.

* Data protection: Devicemed stores and uses the data from the lecture submissions to inform the candidates about the status of your submission. Here you can find out how we handle your data.

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