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Virtual Molding You Can Touch

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Virtual Molding You Can Touch
Virtual Molding You Can Touch

Video: Virtual Molding You Can Touch

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Video: Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Official Video) 2023, January

In order to make the potential of the software visible to users, the focus is particularly on the areas of design, toolmaking and production. The respective fields of application and technical challenges within these areas are brought closer to the visitors with the help of some practical examples. This includes the bottle carrier network “Ursula” from CVA Silicone, which will be exhibited at the SIGMA stand in cooperation with the companies Momentive Performance Materials, CVA Silicone and ENGEL. Visitors experience first hand the correspondence between reality and Sigmasoft Virtual Molding.

For another project, visitors also have the opportunity to experience both virtual and real production at the trade fair: Momentive is showing its siloprene * LSR 2670 in a 2K application on a 4 + 4-cavity mold in booth B15 in hall 6 the ELMET. The 2-component part is realized with LSR on LSR with just one dosing pump on an Arburg Allrounder 470 A. The previously performed virtual production for the design of the process is presented by SIGMA at its own stand.

There are also examples from thermoplastic processing. For example, SIGMA, together with F. & G. Hachtel, presents the potential of Sigmasoft Virtual Molding Technology to optimize warpage of technical parts. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to talk directly to SIGMA engineers about their individual questions. (qui)

K 2016: Hall 13, Stand B31

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