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Direct Impact On Security Technology

Direct Impact On Security Technology
Direct Impact On Security Technology

Video: Direct Impact On Security Technology

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Video: Security Technology Placement - CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 - 3.2 2023, January

Industry 4.0 is very much about communication and data exchange - in the past and still today, however, machine safety has mostly been completely self-sufficient. That will change in the future. The networking of all components involved in the value chain will have a direct impact on security technology. This requires the further development of the corresponding components and systems.

What does that mean specifically for the development of machines?

In the future, machine safety will not only consist of the topic of safety, but also of the field of security. We all know the performance level according to EN ISO 13849 or the SIL Safety Integrated Level according to EN IEC 62061. In the future you will also have to consider a security level.

A core of the Industry 4.0 idea is the flexible re-parameterization of plants and machines. How is that compatible with machine safety - and can this already be done today?

Now that's nothing completely new for us. We have been confronted with such requirements again and again in the past. I am also thinking of our Pluto safety PLC - here there is the option of handling options. Depending on the type of machine, individual system parts can be removed or added. It is not necessary to create completely new software, but individual parts of the system or functions can be easily selected and deselected using option handling.

Are today's standards for functional safety sufficient for the requirements of Industry 4.0?

Aus meiner Sicht reichen sie nicht aus – es ist notwendig, dass das Feld erweitert und auf die nächste industrielle Revolution vorbereitet wird. Nur so kann systemübergreifende Durchgängigkeit auch für die Sicherheitstechnik gewährleistet werden. Die entsprechenden Gremien haben aber bereits die Problematik erkannt. Der IEC-Arbeitskreis TC 44 zum Beispiel ist dabei, eine Technische Spezifikation zu erarbeiten, die ergänzend zu der EN IEC 62061 und EN ISO 13849 mehr Informationen zum Thema Security enthalten soll. Außerdem wird mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit die EN ISO 12100 entsprechend angepasst. Es existiert zudem eine Normungs-Roadmap zum Thema Industrie 4.0 von DIN, DKE und VDE, und auch die Plattform Industrie 4.0 der Wirtschaftsverbände BITKOM, VDMA und ZVEI beschäftigt sich unter anderem mit Normung und Standardisierung. Auf internationaler Ebene arbeitet die ISO-Strategiegruppe zu Industrie 4.0 daran, fehlende Normen und Standards zu identifizieren.

Isn't it enough to develop functionally secure cyber-physical systems in order to maintain a reliable factory?

There is certainly more to it. Interfaces must be precisely defined and explicit statements made as to what can be used. In addition, other, new protection goals have to be determined to ensure safe production in Industry 4.0. One example is human-machine collaboration: employees have to find their way in a new world of work. Even if the robot is inherently safe, for example, it still has to be checked whether the human being can carry out the work in the long term from an ergonomic point of view. That means we are confronted with completely new topics, which of course also have to be included.

What contribution can component manufacturers make to increasing the functional safety of a system in the context of Industry 4.0?

Basically, it goes without saying that a company like ABB produces safe and reliable components. In addition, knowledge transfer and engineering support are becoming increasingly important. The machine safety specialists from ABB offer a series of training courses on the last point. At the Maschinen-Bau-Info 2016 in Pforzheim, we will also be talking about Industry 4.0 and, in this context, also about safety and security.

Thank you very much, Mr. Glöckler.

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