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On The Safe Side With A Single Data Model In Engineering

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On The Safe Side With A Single Data Model In Engineering
On The Safe Side With A Single Data Model In Engineering

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Changes are a huge challenge, especially for modern, simultaneous, cooperative projects in Industry 4.0-compliant engineering: the more complex the project, the more risky the implementation. The new solution from Aucotec is based on the database of the Engineering Base (EB) platform, which as a "Single Source of Truth" eliminates duplicate objects, multiple entries and transmission errors. In addition, the central data model ensures clear change tracking and exceptional consistency.

Automatic: compare, track, take over

The new concept ranges from easily configurable data tracking for an optimal tabular project overview - even if several sub-suppliers are involved - to automated graphic revision and detailed status tracking of not only objects but even individual attributes. It also includes smart worksheets whose data, entered by the suppliers, is automatically adopted and compared by EB. Changes are immediately visible. The first pilot customers are already using the next stage, in which workflow-driven processes can define which follow-up processes should be started when changing from one status to the next.

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You can filter for different statuses. EB automatically recognizes and marks changes in graphic documents, tool tips show the previous status. In addition, the data centered system makes the adoption of modifications during commissioning and maintenance safer, offline as well as in online processing.

Gone: forget, mistake, confuse

With the growing number of ever more extensive - also globally distributed - projects with many participating disciplines, suppliers and sub-suppliers, more than ever applies: Nothing is as certain as change. "Recognizing them, overlooking them and implementing them consistently is a rather unsafe thing without 'Single Source of Truth'", says Reinhard Knapp, senior product manager at Aucotec AG. "Subsequent changes are forgotten, status not recognized, revision levels mixed up, old versions accidentally imported or new versions not checked. This can optimize EB considerably.”Greater security in the event of changes results in more reliable system data. Crucial here: no more complicated storage in file systems,but via the central data model, all parties involved have continuous access to all project data - without system breaks and lengthy comparison runs. (mz)

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