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Faster To Supersonic Aircraft With CFD Software

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Faster To Supersonic Aircraft With CFD Software
Faster To Supersonic Aircraft With CFD Software

Video: Faster To Supersonic Aircraft With CFD Software

Video: Faster To Supersonic Aircraft With CFD Software
Video: CFD ANSYS Tutorial - 3D Aircraft aerodynamics, CFD simulation | Fluent 2023, December

CD-Adapco works in partnership with Maya Simulation and Spike Aerospace to create the next generation of supersonic business aircraft. The aerodynamics are crucial for the performance, the design and the reduction of the sonic boom. Spike Aerospace believes that Star-CCM + is the most efficient and effective simulation software for this application.

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Accelerate travel times significantly

"Our CFD engineers found the networking capabilities of Star-CCM + better than those of the competition, they appear to be more intuitive and easier to use," said Vik Kachoria, President and CEO of Spike Aerospace. “Star-CCM + is an indispensable tool in any aerodynamic project in aircraft construction because it offers a number of functions that help optimize the shape of the aircraft. The goal is to reduce fuel consumption, ensure stability and help the aircraft achieve the specified performance goals."

As soon as the Spike S-512 is ready to take off and is fully functional in the early 2020s, it is said to revolutionize the field of business travel. The time spent on flights from New York to London or from London to Dubai is halved so that business trips can make better use of their time reserves.

Virtual tests with the digital Zwiling

"Star-CCM + helps us build a robust, efficient aircraft that enables better connections around the world," said Kachoria.

Star-CCM + enables Spike Aerospace to use the power of digitization to increase efficiency and quality while at the same time achieving an optimal machine design. Star-CCM + helps with the analysis of aerodynamics during development and right into the flight phase.

"The importance of aerodynamics is clearly shown in the additional time saved during the design phase," says Durrell Rittenberg, director of aerospace and defense at CD-Adapco. “The ability to carry out this project completely digitally is a great advantage. There are only a few supersonic wind tunnels, so the concept of the digital twin and the aerodynamic tests in the computer are extremely important.”(Mz)