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Brake Block Ensures Compliance With EU Noise Protection Guidelines

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Brake Block Ensures Compliance With EU Noise Protection Guidelines
Brake Block Ensures Compliance With EU Noise Protection Guidelines

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Video: New European Tyre Labeling Regulation R(EU) 2020/740 Webinar 2023, January

The new brake block fulfills the EU guidelines for noise protection in freight wagons and is suitable for converting existing freight wagons that have been equipped with cast iron soles.

"With Jurid 847 we found the right solution at the right time. With the new LL brake block, more than 400,000 wagons can be used that would otherwise have been subject to operating restrictions in the coming years or should no longer be able to drive in some European countries,”said Martin Hendricks, President Global Braking and Regional President EMEA, Federal-Mogul Motor parts. “We have a win-win situation here. People who live near rail facilities are less bothered by the noise and rail operators can extend the lifespan of their existing fleet.”

Existing cast iron soles can easily be replaced with the new LL brake blocks. They have the prescribed coefficients of friction, but at the same time reduce noise. Federal-Mogul Motorparts has thus developed an environmentally friendly solution that meets the requirements announced in 2006 from the guidelines of the International Union of Railways (UIC) and the technical specifications for interoperability (TSI). As of 2020, the use of freight wagons with cast iron soles will no longer be permitted in Switzerland. With the Jurid 847, wagons can still drive here without any problems, without the operator having to make costly modifications.

Internal combustion engine

Flexible and highly effective thermal management in the exhaust system

“The optimized brake pad design was developed as part of the extensive research and development phase. It shortens the break-in period and thus increases efficiency. At the same time, it reduces wheel and brake pad wear and ensures a constant coefficient of friction,”explains Gernot Kasper, Director Global Rail & Industry, Federal-Mogul Motorparts. “Reliable operation is vital for freight companies. Jurid 847 ensures an extended lifecycle of wheels and brake pads and thus provides a decisive competitive advantage. On the one hand, in terms of reliability, on the other hand, costly, unscheduled downtimes can be avoided.”

Jurid 847 is currently going through the final approval stages and has to complete 60,000 test kilometers before it receives its final certification and comes onto the market. The launch is expected in early 2017. (br)

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