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Baumüller Shows News From The Areas Of Drive And Control Technology

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Baumüller Shows News From The Areas Of Drive And Control Technology
Baumüller Shows News From The Areas Of Drive And Control Technology

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Video: Multilayer blow molding line from Bemaco Engineering with Baumüller drive technology 2023, January

At the SPS IPC Drives 2016, Baumüller is exhibiting, among other things, a collaborative complete system consisting of a robot and a handling unit. Both modules are equipped with a complete Baumüller system - from the control unit to the drive. Baumüller wants to show how machine modules can be optimally automated for use and combined to complete machines and systems without any problems or integrated into new or existing systems.

Baumüller mentions the following advantages for the machine manufacturer: faster time-to-market and the implementation of hardware-independent control software. This should enable free scaling with just one contact person from the drive component to user-friendly visualization. The entire system thus adapts to customer requirements.

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With its solutions for Industry 4.0 and an enormous variety of interfaces, Baumüller wants to enable flexible and simple networking of automated machines and machine modules both with other system parts and with external systems and platforms.

Suitable remote maintenance solution

In order to increase machine and system availability, Baumüller offers the right remote maintenance solution for all types of electrical drive systems. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance with external sensors or device-integrated solutions are intended to significantly reduce service cases and downtimes. As a novelty, the Baudis IoT service system will be presented for this area, which should increase the availability of machines and systems and also show optimization potential.

Trade fair visitors will receive more detailed information on the subject of remote maintenance at the Baumüller lecture on "Industrial Security and Remote Maintenance" on November 24, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. in the Automation meets IT forum in Hall 3A, Stand 530.


Modular automation for networked systems and plants

Innovations at the SPS IPC Drives

A novelty at the SPS IPC Drives 2016 is the servo motor series DSH, which, as a derivative of the compact servo motor series DSC, should convince with an extremely low cogging torque. In combination with the Baumüller drive electronics, the DSH is, according to the manufacturer, suitable for applications that require very high precision and optimum control quality.

In the motor portfolio, expansions in terms of performance and speed are also presented for the DS2 servomotors and the DST2 high-torque series.

A major challenge for drive technology are current peaks and peak performance, for example in press applications up to 2500 t, which occur in the peak. Enormous maximum moments are required to generate the required power and, if necessary, to maintain it. The drive technology is therefore designed in addition to the required nominal torques, in particular based on the peak torque. In order to enable a technical and economic diversification of the drive task, Baumüller has motors with multiple windings in the product range, which can be operated by connecting several inverters in parallel.

High torque motor

Baumüller is adding new sizes to its range of high-torque motors

There is also news about controls and drive electronics. Firstly, the new B Maxx 5800 multi-axis controller with up to six freely scalable integrated axes. This system is intended to offer a very compact and economical approach for multi-axis applications. On the other hand, the new HMI series with an integrated software package and the powerful box PCs. These two products expand the control and visualization range at Baumüller.

There will also be software experts at the stand who will demonstrate the advantages of the Baumüller technology kits using examples such as servo presses and servo pumps. With the preprogrammed software libraries, which can be encapsulated in a customer-specific manner, machine builders and users should benefit from short time-to-market, quick commissioning and high error security.

Lifecycle Management 4.0 worldwide

In addition, machine operators have the opportunity to get advice from the service experts of the Baumüller subsidiaries Nürmont and Baumüller Reparaturwerk on the topics of repair, maintenance, relocation and assembly in the machine life cycle. (sh)

SPS IPC Drives 2016: Hall 1, Stand 560

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