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New Safety Controls And Safety Relays

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New Safety Controls And Safety Relays
New Safety Controls And Safety Relays

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In machine and plant engineering, work areas in which people are exposed to dangerous movements often have to be monitored - at manual insertion points of processing machines, for example, as well as in the working environment of robots. These areas are usually monitored by means of safety switches, tumblers and proximity sensors or optoelectronic safety sensors such as light curtains or laser scanners. The sensory monitoring is supplemented by emergency stop command devices.

Uncomplicated handling required

All of these safety devices are integrated into the safety circuit of a machine or system using safety relays or programmable safety controls that are installed in the control cabinet. Important requirements here are simple handling, compact design and equipment that is efficiently tailored to the application. The safety-related behavior of the machines and systems to be protected is often linked to different operating states of the machine, such as set-up or automatic mode. Corresponding machine idle times often have to be taken into account.

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In all of its product developments, Leuze Electronic focuses on smart product usability, which means that the devices are easy to use. This includes simple assembly and alignment, easy integration of the sensors into existing fieldbus systems and simple parameterization. This applies to safety sensors as well as safe relays and safe controls.

Suitable for smaller security tasks

With its significantly expanded product family of safety relays, Leuze Electronic offers flexible solutions for many smaller safety tasks. Individual safety sensors can be integrated quickly and efficiently. For the different sensor types and technologies, evaluation units that are specifically tailored to the application and can be used universally are available. These range from monitoring simple components such as emergency stops or safety switches to integrating optoelectronic sensors or implementing time-delayed applications. Modules for motor standstill monitoring and for contact expansion are also available.

The safe relays have a compact 22.5 mm housing and can be stored in the control cabinet to save space. All relays are optionally available with plug-in screw or spring-loaded terminals. For the user, this means flexibility in the installation and enables a quick exchange in the event of service.

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