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DC-DC Converters Can Be Used In Harsh Environmental Conditions

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DC-DC Converters Can Be Used In Harsh Environmental Conditions
DC-DC Converters Can Be Used In Harsh Environmental Conditions

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The new DC-DC converter series HQA from TDK-Lambda delivers 120 W output power with output voltages of 12 V, 24 V and 28 V. The HQA-120 modules are fully encapsulated and operate over an extremely wide input voltage range of 9 V DC up to 40 V DC. Short-term voltage peaks of up to 50 V DC should not affect the modules. The efficiency is up to 91.5% depending on the output voltage. According to the TDK Lambda, the modules are predestined for use under extreme temperature fluctuations in mobile outdoor use. Tests based on the MIL-STD-833 & 202 also qualify the modules for use in the military. Especially for such applications, the modules are offered in two different classes with extensive documentation on extended temperature tests and burn-in cycles.The operating temperature range extends from –40 ° C to 115 ° C in the standard version and even from –55 ° C to 115 ° C in the top version.

Standard quarterbrick format or variant with flange

The modules are available in the standard quarterbrick format (60.6 mm × 39 mm × 12.7 mm) or in a variant with flange in the format 60.6 mm × 55.9 mm × 12.7 mm. In addition to a remote sense, all models also offer a remote on / off function. The overcurrent limitation on the output side and the overvoltage protection reset automatically. The fully regulated output voltage can be adjusted using an external trimmer in the range of ± 10% of the nominal voltage. The modules work with a constant switching frequency and should be easier to suppress. The control loop does not use optocouplers and is therefore much less sensitive to external disturbances.

The HQA modules comply with the standards IEC / EN 60950-1, UL / CSA 60950-1 and have a CE marking based on the low-voltage and RoHS2 guidelines. The insulation voltage input / output and input / baseplate is 2250 V DC each.

Power supply

DC-DC converter with medical approval

New, low-noise power supply series

In addition, TDK-Lambda has introduced a new modular power supply series, which is the first product of this type to have complete MOPP insulation and, in its power class with 1200 W to 1500 W, is also expected to produce the lowest noise. The QM power supplies are the latest addition to the 37-year history of modular power supplies, which began in 1979 with a world premiere, the ML series. With safety approvals for both medical and industrial applications, the QM series offers a wide range of uses, for example in medical devices with BF classification (body floating), test and measurement technology, transmitter systems or applications in the fields of communication and renewable energies. (sh)

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