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Brake Resistor Manufacturer Wins "Grand Prize For Medium-Sized Enterprises"

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Brake Resistor Manufacturer Wins "Grand Prize For Medium-Sized Enterprises"
Brake Resistor Manufacturer Wins "Grand Prize For Medium-Sized Enterprises"

Video: Brake Resistor Manufacturer Wins "Grand Prize For Medium-Sized Enterprises"

Video: Brake Resistor Manufacturer Wins "Grand Prize For Medium-Sized Enterprises"
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The Oskar Patzelt Foundation honored Michael Koch GmbH from Ubstadt-Weiher with the highest "Premier" award at the national gala of the "Grand Prize for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises" competition. Only three companies received this medium-sized award at the federal level. The visibly surprised managing partner Michael Koch and his wife Christine Koch were presented with the award in a festive setting.

Success through motivated employees and quality products

With adaptable products and good service, Koch has been on the market for almost 20 years. The safe braking resistors and dynamic energy storage for the company's electrical drive technology are used in stationary, electrically driven machine types in many industries. According to the company, Koch was able to be successful with the help of his competent employees, his individual application engineering and the qualitative products. The employees stand behind the ambitious targets, because in addition to the secure jobs, they should participate in the success of the company.

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Nominated by the community of Ubstadt-Weiher, Michael Koch led 4796 companies from Germany. Two jury levels from the Oskar Patzelt Foundation were won over in the five criteria groups. The groups included the overall development of the company over the past five years, the creation and securing of jobs and training positions, innovation and modernization, the commitment in the region and the customer-oriented areas of service, customer proximity and marketing.

Promote youth and the region

In the past five years, Koch has doubled its sales and created more jobs. With currently four trainees and three students at the Cooperative State University in Mannheim, student and student internships as well as direct contacts to the regional schools, Koch wants to show that small companies are working hard on the future of young people and the region.

“We didn't expect this award at all. We are all the happier to have received the premier,”says Koch. “The smaller companies are often not noticed by the public, and their efforts and performance are rarely appreciated. It is important that there is such an initiative for small and medium-sized businesses.”The Oskar Patzelt Foundation has been awarding the“Grand Prix for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises”for 22 years. Although the prize is not endowed, more and more companies are taking part in the competition. The foundation looks at companies as a whole and not just individual aspects such as innovation or growth. Across industries, companies with excellent development and, at the same time, strong commitment in the region are sought in industry, craft, service and retail. The initiative is entirely voluntary and privately financed.