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Varied M8 Proximity Switch Portfolio

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Varied M8 Proximity Switch Portfolio
Varied M8 Proximity Switch Portfolio

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Video: Inductive Proximity Switch as limit switch for CNC - connection and selection of pull down resistor 2023, January

For example, the devices of the M08 series for flush mounting are now available with an extended switching distance of 3 mm in addition to the classic switching distance of 2 mm. Similarly, the non-flush sensors are available with a 3 or 5 mm switching distance. Thanks to the newly developed sensor electronics, Turck was able to design devices in the ultra-short 15 mm design for the first time.

Versatile thanks to modularity

The modular development approach of the device family led to a wealth of variants that allow every user to find the optimal M8 switch for their application - without compromise. The sensors are available in four lengths, 15, 22, 30 and 40 mm. On the output side, Turck offers M12 or M8 plugs as well as devices with a cable outlet, which in turn can be ordered with 3 or 4-wire connections as NC contacts or change-over contacts. Further variants result from the choice between devices for flush or non-flush installation with standard or extended switching distance.

The sensors with cable outlet have a cable suitable for drag chains and a semi-transparent LED ring at the end of the sensor, which clearly shows the switching status even under difficult lighting conditions. (jv)

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