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Covestro Shows Design Concept For Electric Cars

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Covestro Shows Design Concept For Electric Cars
Covestro Shows Design Concept For Electric Cars

Video: Covestro Shows Design Concept For Electric Cars

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Video: Design Concept for Electric Cars at K 2016 2023, January

In close cooperation with design students and partners from industry, the company showed a complete car in its original size, equipped with the latest plastic technologies. Innovations from Covestro materials include lighting with innovative holography technology, a front area without visible joints, the use of sustainable paint and adhesive systems and all-round glazing of the passenger compartment with polycarbonate. This gives the occupants an all-round view without blind spots; at the same time, the weight of the vehicle is reduced.

Car lighting redefined

Car lighting in particular could look very different in the future than it does today. At K 2016, Covestro is showing a concept with luminous surfaces based on the company's film solutions. This offers car designers completely new options for the design of front and rear areas. This also includes the homogeneous integration of sensors, antennas, light and signal elements whose signals are not disturbed by Covestro materials. This allows car manufacturers to set clear accents and create an unmistakable brand design, while consumers enjoy the chic and trendy look.

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Holography in particular should prove to be a top technology for future automotive lighting. Together with the automotive supplier HELLA, Covestro has developed an innovative solution based on holographic foils. This allows various lighting functions to be integrated into body parts. This opens up completely new possibilities for the use of light as a design element.

Seamless surfaces ensure aesthetics and aerodynamics

Another trend is seamless, homogeneous surfaces. It's not just about aesthetics: the less air resistance a vehicle offers, the lower the energy consumption and the greater the range. To support this, Covestro has equipped its concept car with additional components to improve the aerodynamic properties.

Almost 50 years ago, Covestro - at that time still as Bayer - presented the first car with a complete plastic body at the plastics trade fair: the K 67. Since then, the company has repeatedly overcome the limits of what is possible with innovative and bold material solutions. Further milestones were the introduction of the headlights and the automotive window made of polycarbonate, as well as paint raw materials for aqueous car fillers and basecoats as well as low-solvent polyurethane clearcoats. (qui)

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