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New Security Extension For OPC UA

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New Security Extension For OPC UA
New Security Extension For OPC UA

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It is advantageous that the private keys for the security profiles of OPC UA are stored in a highly secure manner in the SmartCard chip of the CmDongle instead of in a file. Manufacturers in the automation industry benefit from using this SDK to use the OPC UA standard for cross-vendor, platform-independent software communication of the machines at the same time with the integrated security mechanisms of Codemeter, with security working quickly and smoothly in the background, unnoticed. The secure and reliable data exchange with Industry 4.0 will only work if every single player is consistently identified from the machine to the smallest sensor and thus every networked device knows who it is allowed to exchange with and that the communication is unchanged, i.e. not manipulated.

Secure key storage for private keys

With the OPC UA-SDK, developers can choose between a pure software-based solution with OpenSSL or a hardware-based solution with Codemeter and work with a special library from Codemeter Embedded. Codemeter contains a secure key storage for private keys of the certificates for OPC UA and additional licensing information for configurations of machines that cannot be changed by unauthorized persons. The CmDongle protective hardware is available for the USB interface, as a memory card for SD, Micro-SD, CF or CFast or as a chip in a small VQFN housing: these are the so-called Secure Elements. The securely stored keys are used for symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption and ensure the identity of the devices, the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, explains: “Security is crucial for the operation of the networked production of a smart factory. The OPC UA standard offers many required functions. The new OPC UA-SDK with code meter extension helps developers, because it securely stores the certificates for machine communication and helps to simply roll them out for the large number of individual components and sensors.”(Jv)

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