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Light For Machines In All Its Facets

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Light For Machines In All Its Facets
Light For Machines In All Its Facets

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With the machine lights, the company is demonstrating its expertise in the lighting of printing, textile and packaging machines and systems in line with requirements.

With more than 60 years of experience in industrial lighting, Waldmann knows the requirements in a wide range of applications. The manufacturer offers suitable housing solutions for many harsh environments and relies on simple electrical and mechanical integration in machines and systems. For optimal support of specific visual tasks, the right lighting technology is always in the foreground.

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Clamping technology

Stationary clamping system

Versatile and robust

Waldmann presents the ROCIA for the various lighting requirements, especially of hand-operated, conventional machines. The full metal version of the new machine light family ensures a high mechanical and chemical resistance, the completely closed design also prevents the ingress of liquids, dust or foreign bodies and protects electronics and electrics from damage. These properties and the maintenance-free LED technology give the versatile Rocia an extremely long service life. Rocia Focus ensures precise light with linkage, flexible hose or joint head and Rocia Planar for large-area and uniform illumination.

Bright and undemanding

For other areas of application, Waldmann presents innovations such as the slim LED tube light RL40LE. It is particularly suitable for use in textile, printing and woodworking machines. The connection via the Phoenix Contact Quickon quick connector saves a considerable amount of time during commissioning. The tubular luminaire with through-wired variants is powerful and robust, even in demanding applications.

Another new machine lamp for use in the food industry is the LED downlight MKEL. It is used in packaging machines, offers hardly any contact surfaces for dirt and is resistant to sterilization agents. (br)

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