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Original Nuremberg Rocks At The Retro Classics Bavaria

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Original Nuremberg Rocks At The Retro Classics Bavaria
Original Nuremberg Rocks At The Retro Classics Bavaria

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This year, the first Retro Classics Bavaria takes place at the Nuremberg fair and shows the most beautiful vehicles in automotive history. From December 9th to 11th, visitors and exhibitors from all over the world come together to admire the historic vehicles and meet like-minded people. In its basic idea, the fair is based on Europe's largest classic car fair, the Retro Classics in Stuttgart, and presents collectors and classic car friends again before Christmas the most beautiful and rarest automotive rarities.

Automobile culture as part of German society

The patron of the fair is the former Bavarian CSU Prime Minister Dr. Günther Beckstein, who lives in Nuremberg. "I am pleased for Nuremberg that a new trade fair on the topic of automobility is gaining a foothold here. This clarifies the role that the trade fair city of Nuremberg has for the northern Bavarian region and the neighboring countries. As patron of the fair, it is important to me to emphasize that automotive culture is an integral part of German history. The classic car industry is also important as an economic factor, since historic automobiles are becoming increasingly popular.”

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Retro Classics' trademark is the special shows. In Nuremberg, the role of the region as a temporarily leading area in the production of two-wheelers is shown. In cooperation with the Museum of Industrial Culture and the Nuremberg automobile collector Christian Silberhorn, special motorcycles will be on display in their originality. Ardie, Zündapp, Spatz and Janus are names that are closely related to the development from two-wheelers to automobiles.

To see vehicles from all eras

Among other things, the prototype of a Victoria Bergmeister off-road machine is shown. The Bergmeister, launched as the top model by Victoria in 1953, had a smooth, aesthetic design that integrated the carburetor and ignition system in the engine block. The initially good sales figures declined dramatically from 1957, which did not change the sporting success in the field with this model. Victoria test engineer Harald Oelerich, who was responsible for the sporting operations, developed his personal off-road machine with rear swing arm and other technical improvements. This prototype has remained intact.

In addition to the special shows, around 300 exhibitors from all over Europe are expecting around 20,000 visitors with vehicles from all eras to experience a successful end to the season. (Kj)

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